Run Jenni, Run

{January 10, 2013}   01.10.2013 – A Good Run

I made it through three miles of hills, and I only walked the side streets…I am pretty damn proud of myself.  I am trying to remind myself not to push too hard, but I like the progress that I have made this week.  Depending on how tomorrow goes at the gym I will either keep at this rate or taper off for a week or two.  My leg is in the deciding stages of whether it wants to give me problems or not.  As for my feet, I am happy to welcome back the atrocity known as runner’s feet.  I could never date someone with a foot fetish.  Most of the time I feel like pedicures are even lost on my babies.

Small update on running to poetry:  I failed to get Andrea Gibson on my mp3 player, so that will be an attempt for another run.  Perhaps I will get it figured out for Saturday morning.

I do appreciate that my eating habits from running are coming back.  Dinner on running nights barely consists of more than a protein shake and a piece of fruit (if that).  I never crave too much food after an intense workout, and by the time I would be craving something heavier it’s time for bed and I don’t have much time to mull over it.  I leave the heavily nutritious meals for the days I am at the gym, like tomorrow night.  I have a great workout planned that combines some weightlifting moves with small bursts of cardio, I promise to give a full update on how that works out on Saturday morning.

Overall, I feel pretty good for my first week of completely committed fitness.  I am still working on altering all of my eating habits.  That part always takes longer for me, and it will probably not be in full effect until I have more financial control over the food I choose to eat.  I am definitely making healthier choices than I did throughout the Thanksgiving – New Year’s holiday season, but there is always room for improvement in that area for me.  In that area I will be attempting to start some type of food journaling again if I do not see results with my current way of eating in a couple of weeks.


Later Days,



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