Run Jenni, Run

I have lots planned for this weekend, starting with a trip to visit one of the besties as soon as school is out this afternoon.  I have been dreaming of this trip for over a month now because I have been dying to go to the beach for over a month, and the day is finally here!

Other than the beach, I will be kicking it with some other friends at a Battle of the Bands in Ybor on Saturday night.  Whether I’m crashing in Tampa that evening is undecided at this point, but it’s going to be pretty awesome.   

My eating and working out this week has been less than ideal, which is why there has been a lack of daily updates.  It wasn’t too bad, but I was trying to feed my need for sweets with carbs all week.  This has been further proof that I don’t think I could ever be burnt out on bread.  I also don’t think I could ever go on that “Gluten-Free Diet” that I’m always thinking about.

I will try to get an update in sometime this weekend, and I will definitely be on track starting next week.  It’s only two weeks before the big trip, and I am failing to reach any of my goals.

Later Days,


{January 10, 2013}   01.10.2013 – A Good Run

I made it through three miles of hills, and I only walked the side streets…I am pretty damn proud of myself.  I am trying to remind myself not to push too hard, but I like the progress that I have made this week.  Depending on how tomorrow goes at the gym I will either keep at this rate or taper off for a week or two.  My leg is in the deciding stages of whether it wants to give me problems or not.  As for my feet, I am happy to welcome back the atrocity known as runner’s feet.  I could never date someone with a foot fetish.  Most of the time I feel like pedicures are even lost on my babies.

Small update on running to poetry:  I failed to get Andrea Gibson on my mp3 player, so that will be an attempt for another run.  Perhaps I will get it figured out for Saturday morning.

I do appreciate that my eating habits from running are coming back.  Dinner on running nights barely consists of more than a protein shake and a piece of fruit (if that).  I never crave too much food after an intense workout, and by the time I would be craving something heavier it’s time for bed and I don’t have much time to mull over it.  I leave the heavily nutritious meals for the days I am at the gym, like tomorrow night.  I have a great workout planned that combines some weightlifting moves with small bursts of cardio, I promise to give a full update on how that works out on Saturday morning.

Overall, I feel pretty good for my first week of completely committed fitness.  I am still working on altering all of my eating habits.  That part always takes longer for me, and it will probably not be in full effect until I have more financial control over the food I choose to eat.  I am definitely making healthier choices than I did throughout the Thanksgiving – New Year’s holiday season, but there is always room for improvement in that area for me.  In that area I will be attempting to start some type of food journaling again if I do not see results with my current way of eating in a couple of weeks.


Later Days,


Last night ended up being lots of 400s, seven to be exact (I did run a slow 800 to warm-up, though!).  I did myself a favor and listened to my body when it told me that even an 800 was too much for me after not running track for almost six months.  It was humbling to know that I am back to where I started when I started going to track almost a year ago.  I am hoping that I get it all back a bit sooner this time around, but training for a marathon means, as always, I am focusing on distance a lot more than I am focusing on speed.  I would love to keep around an 11:00-11:30 pace during the marathon, but in the end even finishing is going to be an awesome and unheard of accomplishment. 

I have been going sans headphones for the past few weeks, and it has been interesting.  It has been interesting because most of the time I still have enough of a song in my head that I am singing to myself (mostly) while I am running.  Lately, I have been listening to a lot of poetry, my favorite being Andrea Gibson.  Last night while running track, I had one of her poems (Gospel Salt) stuck in my head, which actually motivated me more than any of the songs that I had in my head.  Which bring me to a new project/experiment I might try while running hills or my long-distance runs on Thursdays and Saturdays.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Today will be another super-fun strength training session, with a quick biking session thrown in for fun.

Later Days,


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