Run Jenni, Run

Our heater broke this morning…I’m freezing while I wait for it to get fixed because upon it breaking the house filled with smoke and now every window in the house is opened.  I legit felt like we were at the fake house at the fire stations that they make the kids walk through.  I hope to never experience this again and I also wish for my toes to not catch frostbite.

In other news I am headed to the doctor this afternoon to see that is wrong with my leg.  I really don’t know what even happened.  I woke up one day last week and was having trouble with the muscle when it came to lifting it.  I’m not sure if it is a muscle or a joint or a nerve or my mind, but hopefully it will all get worked out this afternoon.

In relation to my leg, I am kind of afraid to get on the scale at the doctor’s office.  I haven’t been to the gym in over a week and my lack of activity has made me crave all the bad food.  What you may or may not know about me is that I tend to be an emotional eater.  I wasn’t popular in high school, which is where a lot of my weight gain stemmed from.  I was fat, so no one liked me, so I ate more.  It wasn’t on par with some of these people who go on television shows to fix it, but it was definitely a problem that I had to face, and I still deal with when I hit a bout of depression in my life.

Part of it this time, is a lot of silly thoughts that may or may not mean anything.  I am worried about my leg because my mom has had similar problem in the past that have pretty much put her out of commission.  I know that it’s an entirely different situation wince I am active and I could have just pulled a muscle doing yoga or running, but I am terrified that I am going to end up where I can’t walk or workout intensely anymore and I’m going to turn into the couch potato that everyone gets annoyed with because she’s “too lazy” to go fix herself.

I am hoping that won’t happen.  Update later today.

Later days,


P.S. I am also terrified I am going to fail the GKE because everyone keeps telling me it is so easy and if I fail it I am going to feel like a complete dumbass.

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