Run Jenni, Run

The title says it all.  Although it is less than two weeks away, I want to look exponentially better than I do right now when Valentine’s day rolls around.  I have a super cute outfit picked out, and I would like to feel like I look awesome when I put it on.  While I know I’m not going to drop down to my goal weight in a matter of weeks, I think it is possible to break under 200 and maintain that weight.  I have been yo-yoing back and forth since starting my new healthy ways of living and I think I am finally finding ways to motivate myself to stay on track throughout the rest of the year.  Last night I made some killer black bean burgers, which are a great substitute for all of the horrible food choices I have been making lately. 

Yesterday, I banked almost three hours at the gym, and at least two hours were hardcore working out, focused on weights and some higher levels of the stationary bike.  My quad plan worked out well, but near the end I cut one of the final quads in half and just did two moves four times.  This did include a wall sit that I was able to hold for a full minute during one of the sets…pretty impressive.  Surprisingly, I feel the workout more in my arms today.  However, this works out since I have a run planned this afternoon at the lake before I decide if I would like to really go to the Grad School open house at Florida Southern.  I know I could gain a lot from going back to school, I’m just not sure what I would want to do, so it seems pointless to waste my time.  However, it couldn’t hurt if I’m feeling up for it after the run.  If not, I’m sure I can just meet the boyfriend at Starbucks and call it a night. 

I am looking forward to another gym day like Monday when I head to the gym on Wednesday.  With no soccer planned for this week, I am planning another workout that will kick my ass and get me into gear.  If I keep this up, I expect to see some noticeable progress when I head out for Valentine’s Day adventures. 

Later Days,


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