Run Jenni, Run

No really, go get yourself a Chiptle Yucatan Chicken  Salad from TGIFriday’s.  It will change your life.  Just be sure toask for the dressing on the side, because they do tend to douse it up pretty nicely (as my friend so unfortunately found out).  I stuck with some appetizers as a part of my late night adventure out to Tampa last night and packed up the salad for today’s lunch.  I am currently eating it after taking a break from studying for the GKE.  I got through the reading review and only missed two questions, which is pretty awesome.  I did guess on a few, so that will require a quick read of some of the sections.  However, it is nice to not have to worry about one-fourth of the test.  I’m going to try to get the other test done today as well (Math and English), and then I will have a better knowledge of the areas I really need to focus on in my study sessions.  I already know math is going to be a problem, and I am already working to get some help on that.

I am hitting the gym today, and I promise to get a full workout in.  I was definitely slacking yesterday, but I really needed the time with my bestie, so no regrets on that end.

Later Days,

-Jenni Warren


{November 17, 2012}   11.17.2012 – New Beginnings

Starting in December, I will enter a new chapter of my life.  I will be starting a Paraeducator position at Roosevelt Academy.  This school is an ESE-specific school for grades 6-12.  Obviously, I am really excited to get a “big girl” job, but I am also excited to get the majority of my evenings back!  I closed deli for the last night ever.  I will still be working part-time in the produce department, but super late nights are OVER!

I’m also really excited that tonight I get to try the Turkey and Cranberry sub from Publix… I will let you know how that goes.

But by obtaining my evenings, I will be able to work out in the evenings again. YAY!!  I will get to go to running club again, especially on Tuesday nights!  I get to do speed work again, lucky me.  I will also get some long runs in on the weekends.  Strength training will be done in the mornings, hopefully.  I have to get out of the house by 6:30AM during the week, so strength training would put me waking up at around 5:00AM or earlier…depending on what workout I want to do.

I’m hoping to get at least five miles in tomorrow, but I have done 7.5 in the last two days.  Five miles of hills on Friday at the lake, and 2.5 miles today on the outside trail.  Yayyy.  Hills are killer on my legs, and I am hoping to do some research and invest in some compression socks.  I’m training for a weekend of running in February, and I’m thinking compression socks might help me get through that safely and comfortably.

More about the race… I’m planning on doing the Beck Light Challenge in Tampa February 23 & 24.  This challenge includes a half marathon, a 15k, and a 5k race, all part of the Gasparilla race series.  I have run the 5k before, an I loved the race and the expo that went along with it.  It was my second official 5k, followed up by the Bolt Run, which I am hoping will still occur this year despite the current NHL Lockout.

More updates will occur as I am getting back on track.

Later Days,


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