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{February 20, 2013}   02.20.2013 – Restart

The holidays always seem to do me in, especially when they involve traveling.  I always plan to keep it somewhat healthy, and I fail every time.  Valentine’s Day was no exception to this rule.  If anything, it was probably one of the worst 180’s I have done over a holiday period that only is supposed to last a day.  I could blame the fact that Valentine’s Day turned into a weekend affair that included a last-minute trip to Heavy and Light on Monday evening, where I indulged in fast food for the first time in at least three months.  I could do that, but I know that the majority of the choices were done because I thought I could get away with it.  It’s like I get it inside my head that calories don’t count over the holidays.

But alas, the calories always count, and my lack of exercise had me feeling sluggish at the gym yesterday.  I did about 5 miles on the stationary bike and called it a day, no strength training at all.  This was a major fail on my part, and it will be remedied this afternoon.  While the movie selection at the gym this week is particularly lacking, I am hoping to get some major strength training done today, and perhaps a few miles on the bike.  Being Wednesday, it is a day to focus on the upper body, but I will probably throw in a few squats and other leg moves.  I have discovered that some of the weight machines are more enjoyable than one might be led to believe. 

As for the restart headline, I am restarting my healthy plans this week, focusing on weightloss more than I did while I was getting accumulated to the gym.  I am at a current weight of 210, and I have a goal weight of 160.  I have lingered around my current weight for at least a couple of years now, and I am ready to get rid of the final fifty.  I know this will take the type of dedication I have to dig down deep for, but I am hoping that my small group of supporters will be enough to push me across the finish line.  In order to do this, I will be uping my gym workouts every few weeks and following the rules of Bob Harper’s The Skinny Rules.  It should be noted that I am slowly working on the “no carbs after 2 rule”.  I’m trying, but it’s all a matter of keeping low carb snacks around the house for when I get home from work and finding protein supplements with low carbs.  I’ll do an update next Wednesday on how this is going. 

Tomorrow will be a gym day instead of running, as I am planning to attend an open house at Southeastern University.  Hopefully that goes well and doesn’t turn everything I want to do upside down…but let’s be honest, it probably will.

Later Days,


Yesterday, I did less than half of what I had planned at the gym.  However, I still banked 11 miles on a stationary bike and a couple quad workouts. 

Quad #1: Sumo squat into high raise with Kettlebell, Butt Kick, Skull crushers, Side twisting sit-up

Quad #2: Right/Left Lunge with tricep-kickback, Alternating side-to-side lunges, Extended arm raise from a sit-up position, wall sit

It was enough that I was feeling it by the end of the workout, and that was good enough for me.  Plus, the boyfriend got off work early and was wanting to get some food.  I had instant hunger pangs, but I only ended up eating my roll and half of the massive omelet I made for dinner.  Most people would be disappointed in not finishing their plate, I find it strangely comforting that I am finally getting over my “starving kids in China” mentality.  I was told that so much as a kid that I hardly ever leave food on my plate, even at restaurants.  Because of that, I would end up consuming way more than my body wanted or needed at every meal.  

And it’s not like I wasted the food, the boyfriend said he would eat it with his leftover black bean burger.  Everybody wins.

I am trying to convince myself that running is a good idea tonight.  I feel like my desire for running comes and goes, and right now it is in a going phase.  I suppose as long as I am still finding some way to move then it isn’t a problem.  I just thought I would be running for the rest of my life…maybe I just need a break from it for a bit, or at least a cut back.  I have been focusing a lot on strength training at the gym, and it really seems to get me going more than when I know I have a track workout or something else that keeps me away from the gym. 

Maybe it’s time to finally start looking into Crossfit.

Later Days,


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