Run Jenni, Run

I made it through my first week of Insanity without dying…that calls for a celebration.  I did my celebrating last night, and I really shouldn’t have dont that.  It’s amazing how much I can tell that bad food has an effect on my body after over a week of healthy choices.  Needless to say, I will not be partaking in bad food for a long while.  I just feel better when I’m making healthy choices and exercising regularly.  This is something that is hard to drill into my head, but I still need to drill it in there whenever possible.  Bad Food = Bad Feels. 

The first week of Insanity is never the worst, but it feels like it after the first few days.  By Monday, I was actually feeling pretty decent.  I don’t have as much muscle pain after a workout, and virtually none the next morning.  I went to the gym yesterday, which was my day off from the Insanity workouts.  It was nice to get moving without Shaun T yelling at me to try harder.  I enjoyed the break, but I am looking forward to pushing myself.  It really is a love/hate relationship with the program.  I hate it, but I feel so good after.  I feel like I am actually working towards something. 

My goals for the second week is to, of course, not skip any workouts.  I am also going to try to add a short hike on Saturday morning after I do Insanity.  I want to mix in gym time as much as I can in order to keep my committment to actual gym trips alive. 

I am also working on my summer plans, and it is going to involve Insanity mixed with gym time and making my way back to Running Club. 

More on that later.

Later Days,


{January 30, 2013}   01.30.2013 – Race Wish List

Upon reviewing the financials of how much money I would need by June in order to have a successful marathon trip to Michigan, I have decided to nix the trip.  It took me a couple of weeks to fully admit to myself that the Ann Arbor Marathon wasn’t going to happen, but mostly I just needed to find a new goals to keep me motivated.  Not only have I found that goal, it costs about the same, but it includes 16 races over the span of all of 2013 (mostly 5k) with only a few that are far enough away to require a hotel stay.  It also throws in my new favorite type of run: trails. 

Without further adeiu, my Race Wish List of 2013:

February – Light the Night 5k in Winter Haven

March – Trout Creek 15k Trail Tun in Tampa

April – The Claw 10-Mile Trail Run in Tampa

May – Mudzilla Obstacle Mud Run in Plant City

June, July, and August – Watermelon Series, Four 5k Races over the course of three months, all in Lakeland

September – Run for the Fallen 5k in North Port, Highlander V (6 Miles) in Winter Garden

October – Rocktoberfest 10-Mile Race in Naples, Living Dead Challenge Weekend that includes a 5k and a half marathon in New Port Richey

November – St. Augustine Half Marathon and St. Pete Half Marathon

December – West Palm Beach Marathon (open to change if I find one in a more desired location) 

I am super looking forward to all of these races.  I’m also looking to dominating at the gym later.  I think all of these small monthly races will work out better for me.  It’s encouraging to have something to look forard to each month.  And while I know I will feel like death the two race weekends in November, I know I will love the feeling of accomplishment. 

Later Days,


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