Run Jenni, Run

As promised, a quick review of Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick.  There will not be as much information as I would usually include in a book review because I was hoping to see the movie before writing the review, but such is life.

While it took me awhile to really dive into this book, that is not a problem that I blame on the author.  Because once I found the time to really sit down and enjoy the book (which mostly occurred when I hit the sauna after a hard day at the gym).  After I got into it, I was reading every chance I got.  I even took an hour at Starbucks the other night which nearly got me to the end.  I finished up after a few trips to the sauna between stationary biking on Saturday. 

The book has many twists and turns that, while some would call them predictable, kept me interested; if only to see how the main character, Pat Peoples, would react once he found out the many truths he was searching for.  While Pat does not get the happy ending that he originally planned for in his personal movie (a fact the reader knows from the beginning), he does end up coming out of the story content.  I appreciated that this book dealt with a lot of real problems in a humorous way.  Peoples is haunted by the ghost of Kenny G, which does get explained near the end of the book.  I went into reading knowing what the big twist was (thanks to my mom), and I was still surprised. 

At times, I felt the writing was a bit hard to follow, but as a story written in memoir form it fit well.  The idea is that you are reading a personal memoir of someone who recently left a mental facility.  You are following his actual thought process, and sometimes I found it hard to keep up.  However, this added to my connection to the character, a quality needed for any good novel.

I would definitely recommended this book to someone looking for an easy read (it could probably be finished in a weekend if you had enough time).  It is definitely something to check out if the field of mental health is of any interest.


I apologize if this review seems jumbled.  I’m on a small break between classes, but I wanted to get it posted.  I’m headed to the gym this afternoon and I am looking forward to another long day that meets a lot of goals.  No soccer this week, but we are looking forward to getting back on the field next Wednesday.

Later Days,


This weekend I was, in a word, unmotivated.  Along with my lack of motivation came a slightly sour attitude and the need for a lot of sleep.  After banking a decent nine hours (uninterrupted!) last night, I am feel much more motivated for the upcoming week.  I have three gym workouts already planned, and I have a modified Tuesday workout due to an Open House for Graduate School at Florida Southern College.  I’ve toyed with the thought of not going to the open house because I honestly do not know how I would afford school at this point, but I’m going to check it out anyways.  I’ll probably regret it later if I don’t. 

I’ve put together a new workout routine for the gym consisting of groups of four moves.  Each “quad” is to be repeated four times before moving on to the second.  Each workout has about six quad sets, and I will probably work up to eight by the end of the month.  It’s all a matter of finding new moves to throw into the mix.  The idea is to give a full body workout, which includes small bursts of cardio, for each day I am at the gym.  It is a lot more motivating than focusing on upper or lower body at the gym.  This is probably because I am so drawn to combo moves that use every part of the body.  Therefore, I am never getting just an upper or lower body workout with my routines.  This plan worked out last week, and I am hoping to keep it up through the end of the month (at the very least).  Tuesday I will be running the lake at least one time.  If I am still feeling energetic after the open house (I have no idea how long it will last), I might run the lake a second time before heading home.  Thursday’s hill workout should consist of an easy four hills. 

Starting today I have cut out fried foods from my diet, which should totally be fun.  I am noticing that my mood tends to change when I eat foods that are bad for me, so I am trying to slowly cut out all bad choices until I have a completely natural and healthy diet.  All the enriched flours and dough are going to be the hardest to cut out, so naturally I am saving that for last.  If I get through the month without fried food, I’ll find something else to cut out soon after the end of February. 

Also, I have finished Silver Linings Playbook.  As of right now, I do not have plans to see the movie any time soon (unless it ends up at the drive-in again).  There will be a review of just the book sometime later this week, most likely Wednesday since there won’t be much to write about my lake run (those are always pretty straightforward).  The book I am reading for February is Diary by Chuck Palahniuk.  He is one of my favorite authors, but I have started and stopped this book over five times.  It’s time to get it read and move on to something new.  There will be a few Palahniuk books on the revised reading list, I have a lot of his books and I have never made time to finish them.  Now is the time.

An update on races: I’m putting a lot of them on hold.  While I did say that was a “wish list”, I may not be getting enough funds to make my wishes come true.  Since I would rather do the long distance races, I am cutting a lot of the 5k races first, starting with the Light the Night 5k.  While I would love to do it, Valentine’s Day plans and overspending (as always) is cutting into my race funds.  Hopefully I can get it all straightened out soon and get some of these races on my calendar for real. 

Later Days,


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