Run Jenni, Run

I have lots planned for this weekend, starting with a trip to visit one of the besties as soon as school is out this afternoon.  I have been dreaming of this trip for over a month now because I have been dying to go to the beach for over a month, and the day is finally here!

Other than the beach, I will be kicking it with some other friends at a Battle of the Bands in Ybor on Saturday night.  Whether I’m crashing in Tampa that evening is undecided at this point, but it’s going to be pretty awesome.   

My eating and working out this week has been less than ideal, which is why there has been a lack of daily updates.  It wasn’t too bad, but I was trying to feed my need for sweets with carbs all week.  This has been further proof that I don’t think I could ever be burnt out on bread.  I also don’t think I could ever go on that “Gluten-Free Diet” that I’m always thinking about.

I will try to get an update in sometime this weekend, and I will definitely be on track starting next week.  It’s only two weeks before the big trip, and I am failing to reach any of my goals.

Later Days,


{January 27, 2013}   01.27.2013 – Off Day

When I woke up and realized it was below 50 degrees outside, I decided a morning run would not be on my list of things to do today.  Instead, I popped in Jillian Michaels Killer Buns and Thighs and suffered through a workout DVD before heading to the boyfriend’s house to hang out before he had to go to work.  I say “suffered through” because I have been really out off by workout DVDs lately.  I guess it is just the constant trips to gym or running club that have me avoiding my own living room, but you just can’t get me out of the house quick enough when it comes to workouts.  After  a short chill session, I headed out to Circle B to throw a trail run into today.  I knew that today was not going to produce the seven mils run that I had on the books, but I jogged around for about an hour and called it accomplished.

I call this an off day, but I really feel like I have been having an off weekend.  First, and foremost, my birth control has been screwing up all of my lady issues (TMI, I know…but whatever).  And I honestly don’t know if it is just my body getting used to a change of atmosphere or if I am one of the lucky few percentages that cannot take birth control pills.  this goes from being no big deal to stressing me out within minutes every day.  I am otherwise okay, no major appetite changes and no continuous mood changes… just some random stress cravings when I start over-thinking everything.

To add to the stress of that, my mind has been wandering all kinds of places lately.  I just have been feeling dark, and there isn’t much of a reason for why I am feeling this way.  I have no reason to harp on any parts of my past.  I am in a great relationship with a guy who treats me the way I always imagined I should be treated.  I am one lucky girl ;).

The trail run helped to clear my head, but I can only take my mind off of things with so much exercise before it becomes a physical problem.

Now I’m just rambling.

Maybe a nap will help.

Later Days,


The obvious answer would be the exercising that occurs on the weekend.  That would be obvious, wouldn’t it?  But I have a big problem of making plans to work out on the weekends, then letting myself become consumed with other plans, much like what occurred this weekend.  In my mind, it was pointless to attempt a 5 mile run when I had plans to walk around Legoland all day.  What I should have done was get my butt out of bed on time (which would have been made easier if I had gotten my butt in bed on time the previous evening) and just went for it.  No complaints, nothing.  There is no time for excuses when training for a marathon. 

But I keep looking ahead.  I keep looking towards the larger runs that I have coming up instead of focusing on the attainable ones within the next several weeks.  I choose to focus on the 20-mile run I have on the books in mid-May instead of the six miles that I can finish in no time this Saturday.  It isn’t like I have a boyfriend who is pulling me away from my exercising.  He wants me to succeed, he even understands my commitment to running club (a task difficult to explain to most!). 

So…mini-goal for the week: complete my weekend workouts.  They are nothing more than a six-mile run and some simple yoga.  That’s doable.  That’s more than doable. 

I’m planning on taking it a little easier (read: no free weights) at the gym today, focusing on moves that rely on body weight for my strength routine.  Hopefully I’ll make it through safely.


Later Days,


{January 12, 2013}   01.12.2013 – Panic Attacks?

Yesterday afternoon my workout was cut short by weird feelings.  The only way I can really describe it is that I felt like I was having a panic attack.  My face was tingling and my breath was un-patterned.  However, my heart-rate remained pretty normal.  I finally attributed it to a weird case of nausea brought on by my new birth control pills.  If it keeps up, then I will worry.  However, it diminished with an easy bike ride, so I did not worry too much about it.  My final accomplishments for the gym yesterday were as follows:

1. 10-minute warm-up on treadmill, 5 minutes at 10% incline, 5 minutes at -3% decline.

2. Three sets of 15 bent-over rows and 30-second butt-kicks.

3. Three sets of 15 alternation lunges with tricep-kickback (15 on each side).

4. Three sets of 15 kettlebell swings with 15-second high knees.

5. Three sets of 15 chest presses with 30-second swimmers.

At this point I switched to a light, 4-mile ride on the stationary bike.  Afterwards, I didn’t feel as bad, so I tried to finish the other half of my strength workout.  I was able to get in a 30-second plank, 20-second plank, and a 15-second plank.  I also managed three sets of ten deadlifts and three sets of 15 bicep curls.  It wasn’t everything I had planned, but I figure it is better than nothing.  I started feeling nauseous again when I tried to do a couple sets of overhead presses, so I quickly put an end to that.

This morning I am deciding if today would be the day for a run or yoga (whatever I do not do today will be on the menu for tomorrow morning).  Later includes a trip to Legoland and a double date with the bestie.

Also, I made juice using a full pineapple, a full box of strawberries, and two oranges.  I am in love, and I want every day to start this way.  I know adding a banana to it and making a smoothie will be a revelation.

Later Days,


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