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{June 12, 2013}   06.12.2013 – Food Journal

New food journal.

New food plan.

New detail later.

Later Days,


I’m going to stay motivated this time.  I’m going to stay committed to my healthy choices. 

The day has started out okay, but it’s only first block at school.  I am undecided about the type of exercising I should do this afternoon.  While the gym is an option, I don’t think I have gym clothes in my car at this present time.  I also am still not feeling well, so it might be better to do something at home, so if I wanna take a rest I won’t feel like everyone is staring at me. 

I am going to try to remember to post pictures of my daily eats, but we all know how that usually turns out for me.  When it takes someone two months to put pictures on Facebook, it’s even harder to get them to remember to put pictures on their blog (also, to remember to take the photos in the first place). 

I started out the day with an awesome breakfast (at least flavor-wise, I have yet to check the nutrition facts).  Now I am snacking on carrots with peanut butter (the all natural kind).  I think I’m going to cut peanut butter down to twice a week, for sake of not using it as an “out” for sweets.  Sure, it is good for you, but only in moderation.  I see it as something to be viewed as a treat more than a staple item in a diet. 

To add to my plans for this month, I am also going to try to learn how to eat slower…which is more difficult for me than one might think.  I grew up in a fmaily that eats, and for some reason we eat like someone at a pie-eating contest.  And this occurs at every meal.  It has always been a “race to the finish” type of mentality in my family, and that is something that has hurt me in the long run.  Plenty of articles online say that eating slower helps your body realize you a full with less food in your body.  Therefore, it would make sense that if I ate slower, I would eat less food. 

So, eat less and work out more.  Good goals for March.

Later Days,


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