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{April 26, 2013}   04.26.2013 – Grateful

Yoga and therapy are going to make me a lot more medatative.  If it gets annoying, someone needs to tell me.  I don’t wanna be one of “those people”, but if it makes me happy…then it might not be such a bad thing.

When I went to yoga on Wednesday, the teacher had us write a word on the top of our mat.  This word represented our intention and what we were hoping to achieve with that evening’s practice.  Having a word to direct my practice toward not only helped me that evening, but it followed me toschool the next day.  My word for Wednesday was peace.  And since peace was so well achieved on Wednesday and Thursday, I have decided to start a small project with myself. 

Starting in May, I am going to find a word to meditate on every day.  If I feel that it will help, I can write to word on the inside of my wrist so that I might keep a close eye on my intention for the day.  I felt like a practice run today, so I am living with the word grateful.  I spent a couple of minutes in the sun thinking of all the things that I am grateful for, and it really helped to center myself for the day.  Most of this comes from being thrown off balance last night when I ran into a friend from my past.  He did not really connect me with specifically bad memories, but it was a glimpse into the type of person that I used to be…and that person existed barely a year ago.   This morning I spent a few moments being grateful for the life I have: my friend, the fact that I have found a guy who loves me, the ability to run and practice other forms of exercise, and all the other things that have made my life so good.  When I think about it, I am so completely blessed with experiences in life.  I have stuff that I was able to use as stepping stones to grow into the person that I am today. 

 I hope you will spend some time today to find a word for yourself.  Maybe you will find the things you are grateful for, or maybe you need to focus on another word.  Whatever you chose, I hope your day is going as well as mine.

Later Days,



{March 5, 2013}   03.05.2013 – Small Changes

This update is a little off the beaten path.  I have done well keeping up with my fitness for the past five days.  I am eating healthier, and I’ve already gotten down to 206 (that’s four pounds!).  I am staying committed to the majority of my working out, I am terrified of looking like an idiot on the rowing machine, and I’ve added machine weight-lifting into my routine.  I’m working through muscle pain and trying to come out on the other side a healthier, more fit person.  And I feel like I can achieve that.

All in all, my life is coming together quite nicely.  I have the fitness plate worked out, I have a good relationship, and I am finally working towards a career that I can see doing for more than a year before I get bored.  But it feels like I am missing something.  I have never been an overly religious person (except for those two years I went to CRU in college), but I have always had my faith as a part of my life.  And I think that’s a part of my life that I seriously want to explore again.  I have always been told that I’m “one of the good ones”.  I’m a Christian that understands the “real world”.  I’m a little more open than some of the friends I made in college religion groups.  But ever since college, I’ve fallen away from even a basic relationship with God, and I’m not okay with that anymore.

So, I’ve added some reading for each morning and each night to give me something to start getting back on track.  I have The Utmost for His Highest in my desk at school, and I am trying to read it every morning before the rush of classes start.  It’s a lot more in-depth than most of the devotionals I have, but every now and again something will strike a nerve in me that makes life make a little more sense.  At night, I’m journaling through All I Need is Jesus and a Good Pair of Jeans.  This devotional/book is a little more light-hearted, and definitely easy to follow and relate to.  It’s really any every-girl type of devotional, that you could probably enjoy even if you weren’t of the Christian faith. 

I probably won’t update much more on this subject (only when the Spirit moves me, lol).  But I felt the need to fill you all in on this part of my life.

Later Days,


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