Run Jenni, Run

{February 28, 2013}   02.28.2013 – Addicted

I think I’m addicted to candy.  No, seriously… I am addicted.  Therefore, tomorrow starts a challenge.  Yes, a challenge.  A challenge that will probably make me want to kill inanimate objects.  Starting tomorrow:  no candy for a month.  This means I’m enjoy candy for the last time today.  Then: no more.  I gave up soda and I was fine, so this should be no different.  But let’s take account of what candy means.

No candy means no to the following items: No candy that could be found in the candy aisles, no taffy, gummies, now&laters, airheads, bottlecaps, other hard candy, lifesaver mints, chocolate, candy bars of any sort (including protein bars, which are basically glorified candy bars), truffles, chocolate syrup, ice cream, popsicles, doughnuts, peanut butter (other than my all-natural spread), cookies, cake, pudding, etc.

Basically, nothing that could be qualified as sweet. 

I will keep account of this on a weekly basis, and by the end of the month I should be free of my addiction to sweets…that’s how forming habits works, right? 

Wish me luck!


Later Days,


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