Run Jenni, Run

After an extended vacation from my daily trips, I hate the gym.  I hated it yesterday and I’m probably going to hate it today.  I also hate that I’m starving right now and I’m not supposed to eat for at least another hour.  Basically, I’m just in a hating mood today. 

But in a positive light… I am looking forward to this weekend.  Two out-of-town trips in which I will probably see two of my most favorite people.  That is something to look forward to.  Furthermore, even if I do hate the gym right now, I am looking forward to starting Insanity again.  I am also looking forward to things I am not at liberty to discuss on this blog… get your mind out of the gutter, people, it’s nothing like that.

I am hoping to add some yoga to my workout this afternoon depending on how I feel.  I know that I am going to have to find a way to keep stretched out once I add Insanity back into the mix.  I am hoping that I will do Insanity Thursday – Tuesday, then have a “rest” day on Wednesday.  During my rest day I am going to try to add in a bit of extra cardio in the form of biking at the gym.  I will also be taking advantage of the sauna at the gym whenever possible, which will probably be two to three times a week.  If money permits, I am also considering adding a hot yoga class (I’ve been talking about it for months, and I finally found one…so I just need to do it).  I think the hot yoga will definitely keep my muscles feeling fresh, and any extra yoga during the week will just reinforce that fact.  I am mostly adding the extra cardio at the gym to allow myself to feel like I am still getting my money’s worth while I am doing most of my working out at home. 

I might also consider setting extra goals within my Insanity regime and rewarding myself accordingly.  Like if I improve by so much on the fit Test every two weeks, I can treat myself to a groupon massage.  I have my little 190lb. spa day planned, but that will be at home.  I need something that involves professionals to look forward to as well.

This unorganized post was brought to you by extreme boredom and avoidance of grown-up tasks.

Later Days,


{February 17, 2013}   02.17.2013 – Yeah, I Know

All of my plans to keep the blog up over the brief holiday this weekend.

Along with not keeping up the blog this weekend, I enjoyed chickening out at the Ropes Course, Dining at two buffets and the Hard Rock Cafe, and sleeping.  Yes, this girl fell into a deep, deep food coma after the China Buffet.  Romantic, right?  This is why my boyfriend is perfect.  He let me sleep for almost two hours, and I woke up thinking I hadn’t been passed out for more than a quick power nap.

Today was spent sleeping in (relatively), making Mason Jar meals for my lunches this week, and dominating at the gym.  I am in serious need of a healthy week.  I am in serious need of getting back on track with eating healthy and exercising and avoiding Price-Reduced Valentine’s Day candy.

My new favorite activity might be biking, something that has caught on for me during Cardio Cinema.  I banked 25 Miles today while watching Premium Rush.  I may look into buying a real bike, but that would involve saving money that I don’t necessarily have right this moment.  At any rate, it will put a hold on my running shoes for a month or two.  I might be investing in Cross-Trainers instead.

Weigh-in tomorrow, then it’s time to get serious about following numbers again (just for a bit).  Boo.

Later Days,


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