Run Jenni, Run

I’m going to stay motivated this time.  I’m going to stay committed to my healthy choices. 

The day has started out okay, but it’s only first block at school.  I am undecided about the type of exercising I should do this afternoon.  While the gym is an option, I don’t think I have gym clothes in my car at this present time.  I also am still not feeling well, so it might be better to do something at home, so if I wanna take a rest I won’t feel like everyone is staring at me. 

I am going to try to remember to post pictures of my daily eats, but we all know how that usually turns out for me.  When it takes someone two months to put pictures on Facebook, it’s even harder to get them to remember to put pictures on their blog (also, to remember to take the photos in the first place). 

I started out the day with an awesome breakfast (at least flavor-wise, I have yet to check the nutrition facts).  Now I am snacking on carrots with peanut butter (the all natural kind).  I think I’m going to cut peanut butter down to twice a week, for sake of not using it as an “out” for sweets.  Sure, it is good for you, but only in moderation.  I see it as something to be viewed as a treat more than a staple item in a diet. 

To add to my plans for this month, I am also going to try to learn how to eat slower…which is more difficult for me than one might think.  I grew up in a fmaily that eats, and for some reason we eat like someone at a pie-eating contest.  And this occurs at every meal.  It has always been a “race to the finish” type of mentality in my family, and that is something that has hurt me in the long run.  Plenty of articles online say that eating slower helps your body realize you a full with less food in your body.  Therefore, it would make sense that if I ate slower, I would eat less food. 

So, eat less and work out more.  Good goals for March.

Later Days,


{February 28, 2013}   02.28.2013 – Addicted

I think I’m addicted to candy.  No, seriously… I am addicted.  Therefore, tomorrow starts a challenge.  Yes, a challenge.  A challenge that will probably make me want to kill inanimate objects.  Starting tomorrow:  no candy for a month.  This means I’m enjoy candy for the last time today.  Then: no more.  I gave up soda and I was fine, so this should be no different.  But let’s take account of what candy means.

No candy means no to the following items: No candy that could be found in the candy aisles, no taffy, gummies, now&laters, airheads, bottlecaps, other hard candy, lifesaver mints, chocolate, candy bars of any sort (including protein bars, which are basically glorified candy bars), truffles, chocolate syrup, ice cream, popsicles, doughnuts, peanut butter (other than my all-natural spread), cookies, cake, pudding, etc.

Basically, nothing that could be qualified as sweet. 

I will keep account of this on a weekly basis, and by the end of the month I should be free of my addiction to sweets…that’s how forming habits works, right? 

Wish me luck!


Later Days,


{January 18, 2013}   01.18.2013 – The Unholy

I just named this dinner that I had last night.  Why would I name it “The Unholy”?

100_2578This is the Unholy.  Because it is ALL fat.  This is not something you should be eating more than once in your life.  I say once, because it really is good…it’s just horrible for you.  That being said, it helps create the best BLT I have ever had.  A BLT that is not complete with two slices of toasted Ezekiel bread, a slather of mayo, and fresh-grown red-leaf lettuce and tomatoes.  So…it isn’t all bad. It has veggies, right?



I served the final product with a side of freshly cut and pan-fried sweet potato chips.  And a large helping of Crystal Light Pink Lemonade (which I finished).

And this is why I’m going to the gym for a double-time workout this afternoon.  But first I must clean up this house.

Later Days,




Is there really a point to writing down everything you eat?  Maybe, maybe not.  I have learned that like many other diet rules/plans/ideas, it is simply something that will either work for you or it will not work for you.

Personally, I do much better when I keep a written track of everything I eat.  It is annoying, but I am more likely to pick something healthy that I already know the nutrition facts for rather than try to find something new that marches all my criteria…and if you have ever looked for the perfect protein bar with me, you know I have a lot of criteria.  With some newly added rules this year, taken from the great Bob Harper, I have taken an interest in the food I choose to put in my body.   If sugar is one of the first five ingredients, I try to avoid it.   And by try, I mean I will look through every brand of protein bar (or whatever food I’m studying) to find something that either doesn’t contain sugar, has the least amount of sugar, and/or contains real sugar as opposed to artificial sweeteners.  I do this because, at least for me, eating something sweet in turn causes me to crave more sweets.  Eating something off the path of health causes me to want to devour my entire kitchen.

I am heading back to school tomorrow, and I am wondering just how much of my day’s meals I need to plan out.  While many people swear by meal planning in addition to keeping a food journal, I always end up craving something that is either not docked for the day, or worse, something that has no relation to any of the ingredients I have put on my list of ideas for the week.  Therefore, I let my recipes sort of free flow throughout the week.  I focus more on calories.  I focus on putting healthy things into my body no matter what I am craving.  And this works for me.  Some people need more structure, and I totally get that.  Some people need to meal plan in order to get through their weeks/months financially, another thing I completely understand.

In healthy living it is important to remember to do what works for you.  As long as you are making healthier choices, it all works out in the end.

Later Days,


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