Run Jenni, Run

I will admit riding to work without the sun glaring in my eyes was awesome this morning, but everything else is a major fail.  I am already so tired today because I feel like I’m doing everything an hour earlier than I usually do.  I am also uping my workout routine this week by adding a morning ab workout to the daily routine.  It is only ten minutes, but it is a lot more active then my average “wake up, get food, find clothes” routine that I have been doing for the past few months.

In other news, I am trying to eat soup all week.  I am hoping this sticks, but we shall see.  I still have mason jar meals, but they are more focused on afternoon snacking with some yogurt and lots of fruit.  I am trying to add hearty snacks into my day that will tide me over more than the normal “grab apple and go” thing I was doing last week.  It would be easier to feel sustained rather than have to find time to eat something small every hour or so, especially at school. 

Speaking of school, I really need to get back on track with my studying.  The weekend threw me off of my game, and I got behind on both of my review books.  I am hoping that my collection of free time that I have gained because the boyfriend’s hours got changed at work will provide me the time to catch up on my study sessions.  I am also thinking a lot more about what specialty I would like to test for.  I am thinking reading, but that makes my options for teaching a smaller pool than if I were to test out of English.  Thoughts?  Concerns?  I’ll take any advice anyone has these days.

Also, I am SO looking forward to the beach this weekend.  I am praying for good weather because I have been wanting this for like a month now. 

Later Days,



I apparently forgot when I went to Chili’s last night and split some tortilla chips and guac with a best friend.  Given that my entrée wasn’t to hefty in the caloric section, I let myself slide with just a firm “talking to” and went about my life.  As for today, I am loading up on fruits and veggies and all the herbal tea my body can handle.  I figure it’s good to have a super healthy day to combat the demon food I put into my body last night.  I realize that this is drastic and exaggerated speech.  I am not going crazy, I’m just in a weird energetic mood today.

As for the gym, I am going to try to combine my Thursday and Friday workout today because 1) I have some extra time while I wait for Luke to get off work, and 2) I am not going to have time to go to the gym tomorrow.  This also means that I need to pick a workout for my school fitness class that I will actually want to finish.  We have yoga or a 50-minute ab workout.  I’m banking on the ab workout, but we shall see how it goes.  

This week has actually going really well, and aside from realizing I need to add another hour of sleep into my schedule, I’ve been energetic throughout most of the day.   I also have been adding more cardio at the gym, and that is showing some results that I am really excited about.  I’ll post official weigh-ins sometime this weekend, but I am seeing and feeling results.  I am trying really hard not to go out and make a ridiculous goal like being down to 190 before I go on my vacation with the boyfriend at the end of the month, but it would be really exciting if that happened.  I know it is possible, it just takes a lot of motivation.  And with half of my motivation going towards my certification tests, I’m just not sure I’m ready to make it a goal “written in stone”.  But it is fun to dream about.

In running news, I am starting to like running again…very slowly.  It’s a process, as most things are.  I have signed up for a 5k in May with some besties and hopefully the boyfriend will join in on this one.  It’s another color run called Color Me Rad in Tampa.  I absolutely loved the last one, so I am hoping this one is just as awesome.  I would love to work up to be able to run the entire thing without breaks, but we shall see how I feel by the time May runs around.  I don’t see why it would be a problem, though.  I’ll just beed to add a little more outdoor running into my weekly routine (probably Thursday hills and Saturday morning runs on the trail).

Later Days,


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