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{October 15, 2013}   10.15.2013 – Crossfit Week

It is my personal goal to make it to Crossfit every day this week.  Yesterday’s workout involved a lot of 1492 because of Columbus Day, but I’m not really feeling it as much as I thought I would be today.  Alas, maybe I will be feeling it tomorrow… or even tonight after we work on Power Cleans.  

I have decided that I love the lifting aspect of Crossfit the most.  Functional movements are great, and I love when I am able to get down a box jump or remember how to jump rope after years…but being able to throw weight over my head is an accomplishment that I never expected to achieve.  Yesterday I back squatted 100 pounds… that’s a small person.  I am not sure what kind of goals I would like to set for Power Cleans, but I think I am definitely going to try for at least 65# on my heaviest load today.  I have done workouts with 40# on the bar before (if I remember correctly), but there is a major difference in 40# and 65# when you are lifting it up to your shoulders.  I did push press 50# yesterday in my 1492 workout…so maybe starting with 65# wouldn’t be too unheard of.  

We shall see…

Later Days,


{September 25, 2013}   09.25.2013 – Back Again

I am back from the dead… or more specifically, the Tumblr.  

I figure that this could be a good place to keep up with a few more written posts, which I do not do as often on my Tumblr blog.  It just is too time-consuming to try to post words on Tumblr when every one else is just reblogging photos.  

The quick notes are that I have joined Crossfit, and I am absolutely addicted.  I love it, and I cannot wait until I am able to make myself go every day.  I am currently nursing a cold, so I have taken a couple days off from classes.  I plan to be back in class tomorrow, barring my sickness getting worse.  I could probably survive today, but I would rather thrive in a class rather than barely get by, so I am taking a little more time to rest.  Once I get used to going to Crossfit on a normal basis, I look forward to adding running club back into the mix as well, which should get me into immaculate shape by the time the summer gets here.

Why would I need to be in good shape for summer?

Because I’m going to England!

That’s right… I am finally traveling outside of the United States, something I have been wanting to do ever since I was a kid.  And it’s not just any trip outside the United States.  I will be flying to England to see my boyfriend.  This girl has gotten herself into a long-distance relationship.  This will probably become another topic of conversation on this blog.  If it wasn’t for running and Crossfit, I would probably go insane.  I have so much to look forward to, but it all seems so far away.  I love that I am able to use exercise as a form of stress relief while I wait for the summer to arrive.  

Since I’ve only done one workout this week, I don’t have much to tell there…so I will be signing off.  

Later Days,



{June 12, 2013}   06.12.2013 – Food Journal

New food journal.

New food plan.

New detail later.

Later Days,


{May 13, 2013}   05.13.2013 – Part Two

I am having a bad day.  I’m unhappy, and I don’t know what would make me happy again.  Well, I do know what would make me happy, but it feels entirely unattainable at this point.  

I can remember when I could get on a scale and it would say 185.  I was happy at that weight.  It may have been a completely fucked up and emotionally disturbing time in my life, but that number meant everything to me.  Because that number was the result of a journey that was several years in the making.  That was me at 100 pounds less than I was in high school.  And I would give anything to get that number back.  And that sentence scares me.  Feeling the need to do anything to get a number back seems a bit ridiculous.  And more so than feeling ridiculous, it is causing an internal battle with myself.

I don’t know how to do moderate.  I have always been the type of person who is highly restrictive in her eating habits or binges on every sweet that she can get her hands on.  And I feel like that is how I have been living for the past several years.  I’ll restrict, restrict, restrict, until I can’t take it anymore and I end up eating an entire cake by myself.  And I laugh it off, and my friends laugh it off, and my family says “that’s just the way you’re made” or “you just need to splurge every now and then”.  But that isn’t healthy for me.  Going from 1000 calories one day to upwards of 3000 the next is dangerously unhealthy, and I’m getting to where I’ll do it on a normal basis.

I was so happy when I went to the doctor because I thought that finally someone would see the problems that I’m going through without me having to spell them out.  I was all set up to find a nutritionist that was going to help me figure out my bad eating habits and get me on track to having a healthy relationship with food.  And then Insurance got in the way.  “You cannot have a visit to a nutritionist through our company covered since you have a wellness program set up through your employer”.  I hid it, but I was crushed.  and I know that my therapist would say crushed is an “irrational” word, but that is how I felt.  I covered it up with finding the fitness program for the summer through the school board, but I really hated that I could not get the one thing I thought I really needed.

And now I’m stuck,

I am working through therapy, but I’m not feeling any better about my appearance.  I can read self-help and diet books until I’ve spent my life savings on them, but nothing seems to help.  I feel broken and all I want to do is cry because as much as I am putting on a facade of eating healthy and trying to lose weight, nothing is happening.  As much as I exude “confidence”, if there has been any movement on the scale it has been in a upward direction.  And I’ve given the muscle weighs more than fat talk as many times as I have received it, and I just feel like it does not apply in this case.  I have excess fat to lose.  I have lost it before.  So, it’s not muscle.  It’s just more fat.  

It’s so hard to change when you have all the answers, you just don’t know how to use them. I feel like I am so good at motivating others.  I can remember last summer when someone came up to me after a race and they told me I was their “timer”.  I was the person that motivated them to keep running.  When they wanted to stop, they were focused on trying to pass me.  That is kickass.  Now all I can think about is what they would think if they ran a race with me now.  After the ending of my relationship last summer I just kind of let myself go.  I didn’t go as far as some other people do when they end relationships, but I lost my fitness.  I lost my 33 minute 5k time.  I’ve gained close to 40 pounds.  And I never saw the problem while it was happening because I was hiding behind vices.  It’s easy to convince yourself tht nothing is wrong when you have people telling you that you’re beautiful…even if it is for the wrong reasons.  

Now I have a good relationship.  I have a great relationship with a guy that is pushing me to be better.  I just wish I believed him when he told me I was beautiful.  Sure, I have days where I believe it.  I just wish that I could believe it every time.  

Later Days,


{March 3, 2013}   03.03.2013 – Decent Weekend

I have been a grouchy grouch lately, and I don’t know why.  And God bless the boyfriend, because he swears he doesn’t notice it.  But I notice my mood, and it has been less than pleasant.  I do not think it is related to my change in food choices, if anything eating healhty this weekend has made me happier.  I think I just need to get my life more straightened out than it is, and I am failing to do so…oh well, here’s to hoping for a nicer week.

Later Days,

-Jenni Warren


{September 10, 2012}   09.12.2012 – Insane

So, I at least did my strength training last week, if nothing else.  And this week, I shall try to add to that.  I will be starting off tomorrow with a run, I do not care about anything else for the day.  I need to get back into running.  It is my best form of cardio, and I feel so much better when I’m in my routine.

In other news, I am thinking about trying Insanity again.  Last time I tried Insanity, I ended up messing up my knee pretty bad, and I had to stop running for a good couple of months.  So, I will be trying Insanity again, and taking it slow.  I’m not sure how it will go, but I’m hopeful.

Just a small update.  Not too entertaining, but I will update more later.


Later Days,


{September 4, 2012}   09.04.2012 – So Far, So Good

So, it’s only been two days since I decided to get back on track (for real this time), but I would say those days have gone well.  I am sticking to my strength training routine, and I have gone out for a walk/run the past two days.  Today involved a little more running, but it was a shorter distance.  Yesterday I did a very easy three miles around the Lake in the late afternoon.  Running in this Florida heat is kind of like my own personal glimpse into Hell… I can see why most people choose to avoid the place.

If I am motivated enough, I will wake up tomorrow and run Hills at the Lake, then reward myself with a delicious Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee.  If I am not motivated, I will do yoga or some other workout DVD at home, then go do homework at Starbucks where I will get a Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee… As you can see, tomorrow will involve Pumpkin Spice whether I view it as a reward or not.  How weird would it be if I told myself I had to get a crappy flavor of Iced Coffee if I did not go run Hills?

While I have worked out the past two days, I totally did indulge in the Never-Ending Pasta at Olive Garden last night…and I’m probably having the left overs for dinner.  I regret nothing.

Later Days,




As I sit here drinking my third cup of coffee, I am pondering how far I have come since I started this blog.  And I am pondering how much backtracking I have done in the past month.  My fitness levels have seriously depleted.  This is not okay.  And I have always been able to find something to blame it on (boys, being sick, extreme laziness, there is always an excuse).  But the excuses stop this month.  I have no reason to not live in a way that is going to make me a better person.  It is going to be difficult starting from what I would consider “square one”, but I don’t want to over-exert myself too soon and end up giving into temptations again.

This upcoming week, I will taking my strength training more seriously, following a plan that I took from Kelsey Byers blog (  Along with that, I will be incorporating more cardio, starting with a run at Lake Hollingsworth tomorrow morning.

In non-fitness news, I must start taking my online class more seriously, which I will be doing after my run.  I will be working on this after my run tomorrow… Starbucks is going to start to know me by name and order (which will mostly be Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee for the next few months).

Kelsey Byer’s At Home Strength Training Workout:

Monday: Shoulders and abs, followed by cardio (30-50 min)

Tuesday: Legs and calves, followed by cardio (30-50 min)

Wed: rest (cardio 30-50 min)

Thur: Chest and triceps, followed by cardio (30-50 min)

Fri: Back and biceps, followed by cardio (30-50 min)

Sat: Rest (cardio optional)

I will be doing cardio on the days which it is optional.  It will vary from running to one of my many workout DVDs.  Once I get into this routine, I will start adding Yoga on a more regular basis.

Along with this, I really need to start eating healthier…but that is another post entirely.

Later Days,




Motivation – I have had none.

Time – Barely any.

Sleep – That’s a joke.

Healthy Eating Habits – Are you joking?

I seriously need someone to text me or call me everyday to make sure I get off my ass and do something.  I am back to square one with money for my marathon, and I am actually considering one in Florida now.  I used the money I had saved up to register for my first class, as I am planning to go back to school for my Master’s in Exercise Science.  I must keep in mind that in order to build a profession around healthy lifestyles, I must also lead a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, I am going back on track, and taking advantage of my schedule for the following week to do so.  I am going to start taking strength training a LOT more seriously.  And I need to plan at least one long run a week.  This week it will probably occur on Thursday or Saturday (after the race).

I (again) will be trying to update this more often to be accountable for my activity.  If I don’t do anything, then I won’t have anything to write about.  Let’s change that.

Later Days,



I did complete a long run last week, and that is about all that I completed.  I do not even have excuses for my lack of activity.  It was just an interesting week.  I am feeling much better this week, and I am looking forward to staying active and figuring my life out.

Upcoming, I will be in the process of getting myself back into school.  I am hoping to go back to school for Exercise Science.  I am using tomorrow to figure my life out…it should be interesting. I have Tuesday – Thursday off, so I am going to try to take advantage of the free time by adding extra activities in to my routine.

7/30 – Longboarding (which totally counts as exercise because it involves movement)

7/31 – Yoga, Pub Run

08/01 – Yoga, Kickboxing, Strength

08/02 – Yoga, Cardio Conditioning, Hills

08/03 – Yoga, Strength, Longboarding

I need to make plans to go on another long run, probably this weekend.  I want to aim for 9-9.5 miles again, as my goal for a ten-mile run is the second week of August.  I ALMOST have enough money to register for the marathon, then the rest of my savings will go towards the trip.  I am really excited about the next few months.  I finally feel like things are falling into place, after a month or so of too many options and way too much for my mind to process.

More updates later, maybe mid-week.

Later Days,


et cetera