Run Jenni, Run

{March 7, 2013}   03.07.2013 – Did You Know Chips are Junk Food?

I apparently forgot when I went to Chili’s last night and split some tortilla chips and guac with a best friend.  Given that my entrée wasn’t to hefty in the caloric section, I let myself slide with just a firm “talking to” and went about my life.  As for today, I am loading up on fruits and veggies and all the herbal tea my body can handle.  I figure it’s good to have a super healthy day to combat the demon food I put into my body last night.  I realize that this is drastic and exaggerated speech.  I am not going crazy, I’m just in a weird energetic mood today.

As for the gym, I am going to try to combine my Thursday and Friday workout today because 1) I have some extra time while I wait for Luke to get off work, and 2) I am not going to have time to go to the gym tomorrow.  This also means that I need to pick a workout for my school fitness class that I will actually want to finish.  We have yoga or a 50-minute ab workout.  I’m banking on the ab workout, but we shall see how it goes.  

This week has actually going really well, and aside from realizing I need to add another hour of sleep into my schedule, I’ve been energetic throughout most of the day.   I also have been adding more cardio at the gym, and that is showing some results that I am really excited about.  I’ll post official weigh-ins sometime this weekend, but I am seeing and feeling results.  I am trying really hard not to go out and make a ridiculous goal like being down to 190 before I go on my vacation with the boyfriend at the end of the month, but it would be really exciting if that happened.  I know it is possible, it just takes a lot of motivation.  And with half of my motivation going towards my certification tests, I’m just not sure I’m ready to make it a goal “written in stone”.  But it is fun to dream about.

In running news, I am starting to like running again…very slowly.  It’s a process, as most things are.  I have signed up for a 5k in May with some besties and hopefully the boyfriend will join in on this one.  It’s another color run called Color Me Rad in Tampa.  I absolutely loved the last one, so I am hoping this one is just as awesome.  I would love to work up to be able to run the entire thing without breaks, but we shall see how I feel by the time May runs around.  I don’t see why it would be a problem, though.  I’ll just beed to add a little more outdoor running into my weekly routine (probably Thursday hills and Saturday morning runs on the trail).

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