Run Jenni, Run

{March 4, 2013}   03.04.2013 – Day Four on the Island of No Sweets

I am doing okay.  I had some cravings over the weekend, but I pushed through and was able to fill in my sweet tooth cravings with fruit.  I know I need to watch my dried fruit intake, which can be just as bad as candy, and I am doing so.  I have found a slight love for dried prunes, mostly because it’s in a single-serve package that resembles candy.  I am limiting myself to three, at most, three times a week.  I had some PB on toast this morning, so we will see how long my plan of having PB once a week lasts… I’ll try to stay strong.

My water intake is improving, which was another goals for the month.  And along with hydration comes more energy to work out.  I have a big workout planned for today, but I am hoping to push through all of it.  The Cardio Cinema is back up at the gym, which will help come Thursday (cardio [@ the gym] day).     

I haven’t planned out my dinners for the week, but those usually follow where I end up at night.  I at least have some groceries at the boyfriend’s house so that we don’t have to resort to pasta every time I make an impromptu visit or forget to bring dinner to his house.  It’s going to be so much easier when we live together and I won’t have to remember stuff like that.

This was a random update.  Sorry.

Later Day,



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