Run Jenni, Run

{February 23, 2013}   02.23.2013 – Two pounds

Thursday involved a lot of last-minute plans, which results in no workout, but a LOT of running around.  I had after-school training in my lab followed by rushing to Lakeland for a training for the teaching certification exam.  Afterwards, I got a quick bite at Publix (Ever Roast Chicken and Capicola, yum!) before heading to Southeastern University for the Graduate School Open House.

The campus was beautiful, but I ultimately decided that Southeastern was not for me.  It’s comforting to have a decision that is in the negative sometimes.  I am so used to going somewhere, falling in love, and throwing myself into a plan that will most likely only last a month.  As of right now, I am going to start focusing on all the certification exams I need to become a teacher, and hopefully I will be able to get those started this summer.

In other news, as obviously noted in the title, I am down two pounds as of this morning.  It’s a small budge, but I’ll take anything.  I have felt increasingly less motivated in the past week or two, so seeing some numbers fall is just what I need to get me back on the fitness wagon.  I’ve been eating healthier, if nothing else.  Yesterday I bought a couple of things to out together a small spa kit, which the boyfriend is keeping hostage until I reach my first mini-goal of 190 (which would be 20 pounds).  I am hoping to reach this goal by the end of April.  Afterwards, I plan to spend the summer working on the last 30 pounds.  I know I can do it, but 30 pounds during May-August is highly unlikely with my “on again, off again” habits.  So while it is a goal, it’s not the “end all, be all” of my plans.

We shall see how it goes.

Today will be spent cleaning my room and figuring out how to dry clothes with muggy weather and a broken dryer.

Later Days,



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