Run Jenni, Run

{January 29, 2013}   01.29.2013 – A Lot of Work

I am feeling the need to push myself this week, which has caused me to alter my strength workouts a bit again.  I am planning on trying smaller “circuits” of moves that focus on upper or lower body and repeating the circuit four times before moving to the next circuit.  I am also trying to add in some short bursts of cardio to keep my heart rate up during the workout.  We shall see how this goes.

Yesterday I did about 45-minutes of arm moves, but I really couldn’t stay focused for much longer.  I was in the lady gym and I always feel weird in there.  For some reason I am always more comfortable in the main gym area (I’m repeating myself, I know).  I just feel like the females of the gym are more judgmental than the guys (probably because I am more judgmental than the guys). 

Tonight’s a track workout, but parts of me wants to just run the outside of the track while everyone is there and occasionally filter in to check my time.  We shall see how I’m feeling at the end of the day.  One of my February goals is to not skip my long runs during the week, so I know I need to keep running.  I just need to figure out if speed work is helping me reach my distance goals or if it is discouraging me.  The answer is pretty obvious.  I am getting better at speed work, I just always have a lot on my mind when I’m at the track.  There are more memories there than at the Hills.  But I’m learning to let my past fuel me.  I am looking forward to passing the finish line of a marathon and knowing that I have beat the odds.  I am looking forward to reaching my goals. 

Later Days,



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