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{January 23, 2013}   01.23.2013 – I’m Glad I Got Running Club in the Divorce

I love going to running club, even if I hate running for speed.  The community there is really unmatched.  There are plenty of people to push you to reach your goals, which is rare these days.  With running, there is the possibility of everyone succeeding because everyone has different goals and different speeds.  While I am the one who gets excited just to finish, we also have runners who are really trying to get faster and faster every Tuesday. 

Last night, I actually did most of the prescribed workout, which is rare for me on speed-work nights.  Here was the set up and what I finished:

800 warm-up/600 warm-up





600 cool-down/200 cool-down

Instead of the full 600 for a cool-down, I opted for a few stretches before heading home.  I am also proud to say that I was able to cook today’s lunch without eating any of it last night.  For someone who used to rely on snacking while cooking, this is a bog deal.  I stuck with my after-run protein shake and put the finished product in the fridge for this afternoon.  I even shared some with the boyfriend when he came over.  This week feels really productive, and I am learning to stick to meals plans (something I thought I would never do). 

Today I have a quick arm workout planned at the gym before heading out to the college to play an amateur soccer game (or watch one…not sure yet). 

Later Days,



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