Run Jenni, Run

{January 21, 2013}   01.21.2013 – Food Updates

Good news!

I have followed my eating plan for the last two days.  I have the pictures to prove it, see?

I forgot to take a photo of breakfast yesterday because I was in a rush to get out and run, but it consisted of one hard-boiled egg, two hard-boiled whites, and a piece of flax bread with peanut butter.  That fueled an awesome day of fitness that included a six-mile run, 40-minute arm workout, 12-mile stationary bike ride, and 1.5 miles of simulated hills on a treadmill.  The workout may have also been fueled by the fact that Gold’s was playing Source Code in the Cardio Cinema.  Awesome movie.

Because I did strength yesterday, I might have an easy day with some yoga.  If I’m feeling like a little extra, I might throw in a run or a Jillian Michaels’ leg workout.  Expect an update at the end of the day that includes my food choices for today.

I’m off to enjoy my extra day of rest.  Hooray for paid holidays! 🙂


Later Days,



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