Run Jenni, Run

{January 17, 2013}   01.17.2013 – I Survived Yesterday

I may not have reached all of my goals at the gym yesterday, but I showed up.  That is more than I would have achieved had Luke not forced me to go to Gold’s yesterday.  I had a bit of structure, but it was mostly a quick warm-up on the bike and fooling around with free weights.  I finished a great deal less than I had on my index card plan, but I was pleased.  I got introduced to some of the stretching machines at the gym, and I think I will be using those a lot more often now that I know how to use them without looking stupid. 

If you want to look at how cool I am, you can check out my feature as a January Joiner on Healthy Tipping Point (read: one of my FAVORITE blogs, ever).  This can be checked out at

Today I will attempt to drag myself to Running Club this afternoon.  But mostly, I just want to sleep.  I feel like I have so much sleep to catch up on.  Good thing I have a four-day weekend to enjoy.  And by enjoy, I mean plan a healthier eating plan because I need to stop tearing apart Luke’s kitchen every time I visit his house (which is a lot, btw).

Later Days,



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