Run Jenni, Run

{January 15, 2013}   01.15.2013 – Accountability Post

Here is my running plan to make up for several things, one being my inability to make it to track tonight, another being my impromptu trip to Fred’s Southern Kitchen last night.  If I figured correctly, this workout should take a little over an hour and a half.  I will attempt it, and I am hoping to succeed.  Given that it is pretty intense (for someone who avoids the treadmill these days) it is subject to change if the movie showing in the Cardio Cinema is not as good as I planned on it being. 

3.5mph warm up (5:00)

4.5mph run (5:00)

4.0mph walk (1:30)

5.0mph run (5:00)

4.0mph walk (1:30)

5.5mph run (5:00)

4.0mph walk (1:30)

6.0mph run (5:00)

4.00 walk (1:30)

This is set up as a 5-4-3-2-1 plan.  This means that after finishing one set, I will restart the set with a four-minute run (followed by three minutes, and so on until it is down to a one-minute run).  To increase intensity of this plan, I will increase the incline percentage as I decrease the time spent running.  (five minutes – 1%, four minutes – 2%, three minutes – 3%, two minutes – 4%, one minute – 5%). 

My class has arrived early, so that’s all the accounting for I can mention at this point. 

Later Days,




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