Run Jenni, Run

{January 14, 2013}   01.14.2013 – What Should I Write About on Weekends?

The obvious answer would be the exercising that occurs on the weekend.  That would be obvious, wouldn’t it?  But I have a big problem of making plans to work out on the weekends, then letting myself become consumed with other plans, much like what occurred this weekend.  In my mind, it was pointless to attempt a 5 mile run when I had plans to walk around Legoland all day.  What I should have done was get my butt out of bed on time (which would have been made easier if I had gotten my butt in bed on time the previous evening) and just went for it.  No complaints, nothing.  There is no time for excuses when training for a marathon. 

But I keep looking ahead.  I keep looking towards the larger runs that I have coming up instead of focusing on the attainable ones within the next several weeks.  I choose to focus on the 20-mile run I have on the books in mid-May instead of the six miles that I can finish in no time this Saturday.  It isn’t like I have a boyfriend who is pulling me away from my exercising.  He wants me to succeed, he even understands my commitment to running club (a task difficult to explain to most!). 

So…mini-goal for the week: complete my weekend workouts.  They are nothing more than a six-mile run and some simple yoga.  That’s doable.  That’s more than doable. 

I’m planning on taking it a little easier (read: no free weights) at the gym today, focusing on moves that rely on body weight for my strength routine.  Hopefully I’ll make it through safely.


Later Days,



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