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{January 8, 2013}   01.08.2013 – I Got Sick

It is not unbearable, but I have gotten sick.  I kept waking up every couple of hours last night because I couldn’t get comfortable, and I couldn’t breathe out of my nose (which is the only way I can fall asleep).  I kept needing to prop myself up higher to make breathing easier throughout the night.  Again, not unbearable, but definitely uncomfortable. 

It’s my first day back to school after the Winter holiday break, and I’m trying to get back into my schedule.  Because I am sitting a lot at work, it is important for me to remember to at least get up and walk around the room when I do not have classes.  The first three hours of work keep me pretty active, but it’s mostly relaxed and smooth sailing after the morning rush of classes. 

I have been mapping out mileage for my long runs that are coming up in the next few weeks.  I am having a more difficult time looking for trails that are over 15 miles.  I need a 16 mile, 18 mile, and 20 mile route.  I’m hoping to find somewhere in Lakeland or Winter Haven, but I’ve also started looking near Tampa around Bayshore and Davis Island.  I mostly just need a new trail that is simple to follow so I don’t have to carry a map with me.  But doing several loops of a short distance just doesn’t cut it for me.  I know that I will do the loop once and call it a day out of avoiding the boredom of seeing the same landscape a second time.

Last night I banked 13.5 miles on the bike at the gym and a quick kettlebell workout.  As much as I wanted to stick to just one strength training routine, I get way too bored way too fast when it comes to strength workouts.  I also have an unabashed love for kettlebells, and it is hard to get me to go anywhere else.  I have been playing around with the TRX system, and I like it, but I always end up finishing with kettlebells because they are simple and effective (in my opinion, anyways).

I’ll be off to my first track workout in months this evening.  It’s pretty simple this evening, just a few 800s and 400s, but I’m still not looking forward to it.  Because running fast is not my forte. 

Later Days,



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