Run Jenni, Run

{January 7, 2013}   01.07.2013 – Fighting off Sickness

I hate sickness because of many reasons, the top being that I crave every food within an arms reach.  I will be off to the gym later to combat the unholy amount of lunch I consumed this morning.

I know that my body always ends up using the extra calories on the days I am sick and I can’t seem to fill the void, but it always makes me feel horrible for falling off my healthy little wagon.  I know that healthy eating will become easier once I am out on my own, and I also know the preceding half of this sentence is an excuse used by millions probably just me.  I also know that my idea of consuming two times as much water, while a good idea, really does not make finishing off the coconut cake or venison sausage gravy okay in the end.

Given today’s eating choices and this morning’s blog entry, it looks like I will be venturing back into the world of food journaling soon.  I need to at least keep tabs on what all is going into my body, if not the full nutritional value of everything, every minute of every day.

The rest of this week will be better.  I will not get sick.  I will not get sick.

I cannot get sick.

Later Days,



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