Run Jenni, Run

{January 6, 2013}   01.06.2013 – Foggy Mornings

I started out this morning with a simple breakfast and a three miles run on Fort Fraser Trail.  It was foggy, but doable.  The trail is far enough away from the road that I don’t feel in danger when running in risky weather.  I was going to go for the full 4.5 mile trek to the college, but my ability to make excuses beat out my motivation this morning (the major one being that I should have gone for the long-sleeved shirt before heading out into the mist).  I need to focus morning on the mileage in my training plan, with a full marathon coming up in a few months.  I know June is going to creep up on me a lot faster than one might think.

I played around with adding venison sausage to my coups today.  It started out with my Red curry lentil base with mushroom and sausage (which I added broccoli to for tomorrow) for a late lunch, then potato and leek soup with added venison sausage and kale for dinner.  The soup was delicious, however I think I may have added a bit too much salt for my taste to the steamed broccoli that I had on the side.

Tomorrow is my last vacation day before heading back to work, so I am looking forward to a little house-cleaning and last-minute errands.  I’ll probably fit in a strength workout close to home and avoid the gym for the day.  It’s too far a drive when I’m not already on that side of town.  I’m looking forward to when I can be almost walking distance from my gym, but that won’t come for a few more months.

Later Days,



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