Run Jenni, Run

{November 20, 2012}   11.20.2012 – Three “Quick” Miles

I had unattainable goals of running about seven miles this morning.  This coming from a girl who gave blood yesterday and spent the majority of the evening in a “blood-drunk” stupor.  For future reference, you should avoid comedy while giving blood, it adds to the light-headedness.

My plan was quickly changed to an easy three miles that included a lot of walking breaks.  This is much further than I thought I would get when I almost went back to sleep after hearing my 6:15AM alarm this morning.  The rest of the day shall include french toast, my boyfriend, and another walk around Winter Haven before heading off to work.

Thanksgiving is in two days!  I’m looking forward to the food and the early morning run I have planned with my running group (finally!).

Hope you are all having a blessed and awesome week!

Later Days,



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