Run Jenni, Run

{November 18, 2012}   11.18.2012 – Morning Runs

Getting started with morning runs in the colder months is not my favorite thing to do, but once I do getting moving it is probably one of my favorite types of runs.  In Florida, it never gets too terribly cold.  I have seen people running in much worse, and I have run in much worse weather.  So, in conclusion, this morning’s run was awesome.  I am also very thankful for the eight hours of sleep that I finally got last night and the fact that I do not have to close tonight.  Thank God for a few normal shifts the next few days, I was definitely reaching a breaking point after closing four nights in a row.

In running news, I have been taking part in Pile on the Miles over at RunEatRepeat for the month of November.  I set a goal of 100 miles for the month, of which I have completed 18.5 miles.  While 100 miles is still attainable, I might make a smaller goal of fifty miles, and the closer I get to the original goal the better.  I am mostly worried about burning out more quickly than I would like this time around for my marathon training.  We shall see how the next two weeks play out.

Later Days,



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