Run Jenni, Run

{October 20, 2012}   10.20.2012 – I Will Run Today

I’ve worked out at least three times this past week.

And I lost five pounds.

I don’t want to say I’m back on track, but I’m getting there.

My schedule this week allows for more opportunities to work out, which I plan to take full advantage of.  Luke has even started wanting to work out with me.  It’s really encouraging that he wants to see me at my best.  He has a way of supporting me without making me feel like I’m doing all this dieting just to be pretty.  I know that I need to be healthy, and that it is a life change that I need to get back with.  I have just gotten so used to being bad after the past couple of months.

But excuses are lame.

I am ready to get back with the healthy.

I always feel better when I’m eating better.

I always feel better when I’m exercising.

I’ve never regretted a run.

Maybe I’ll even go to running club this week, since I don’t close until Friday.


Okay, maybe just hills.

It’ll take a lot of motivation to go do speed work.

Because I’m as fast as a snail right now.


Later Days,



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