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{September 2, 2012}   09.02.2012 – New Month, New Motivation

As I sit here drinking my third cup of coffee, I am pondering how far I have come since I started this blog.  And I am pondering how much backtracking I have done in the past month.  My fitness levels have seriously depleted.  This is not okay.  And I have always been able to find something to blame it on (boys, being sick, extreme laziness, there is always an excuse).  But the excuses stop this month.  I have no reason to not live in a way that is going to make me a better person.  It is going to be difficult starting from what I would consider “square one”, but I don’t want to over-exert myself too soon and end up giving into temptations again.

This upcoming week, I will taking my strength training more seriously, following a plan that I took from Kelsey Byers blog (  Along with that, I will be incorporating more cardio, starting with a run at Lake Hollingsworth tomorrow morning.

In non-fitness news, I must start taking my online class more seriously, which I will be doing after my run.  I will be working on this after my run tomorrow… Starbucks is going to start to know me by name and order (which will mostly be Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee for the next few months).

Kelsey Byer’s At Home Strength Training Workout:

Monday: Shoulders and abs, followed by cardio (30-50 min)

Tuesday: Legs and calves, followed by cardio (30-50 min)

Wed: rest (cardio 30-50 min)

Thur: Chest and triceps, followed by cardio (30-50 min)

Fri: Back and biceps, followed by cardio (30-50 min)

Sat: Rest (cardio optional)

I will be doing cardio on the days which it is optional.  It will vary from running to one of my many workout DVDs.  Once I get into this routine, I will start adding Yoga on a more regular basis.

Along with this, I really need to start eating healthier…but that is another post entirely.

Later Days,




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