Run Jenni, Run

{July 30, 2012}   07.30.2012 – Weekly Set-Up and More Procrastination

I did complete a long run last week, and that is about all that I completed.  I do not even have excuses for my lack of activity.  It was just an interesting week.  I am feeling much better this week, and I am looking forward to staying active and figuring my life out.

Upcoming, I will be in the process of getting myself back into school.  I am hoping to go back to school for Exercise Science.  I am using tomorrow to figure my life out…it should be interesting. I have Tuesday – Thursday off, so I am going to try to take advantage of the free time by adding extra activities in to my routine.

7/30 – Longboarding (which totally counts as exercise because it involves movement)

7/31 – Yoga, Pub Run

08/01 – Yoga, Kickboxing, Strength

08/02 – Yoga, Cardio Conditioning, Hills

08/03 – Yoga, Strength, Longboarding

I need to make plans to go on another long run, probably this weekend.  I want to aim for 9-9.5 miles again, as my goal for a ten-mile run is the second week of August.  I ALMOST have enough money to register for the marathon, then the rest of my savings will go towards the trip.  I am really excited about the next few months.  I finally feel like things are falling into place, after a month or so of too many options and way too much for my mind to process.

More updates later, maybe mid-week.

Later Days,


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