Run Jenni, Run

{July 25, 2012}   07.25.2012 – Going Without a Plan

Today I ran nine miles, and I feel pretty awesome about it.  A long run was a great way to kick my blues in the face and get my marathon training on the right track.  I always ALWAYS ALWAYS forget how much better I feel after a good run.  Even drenched in sweat, with aching muscles, I feel like I’m healing.

For the rest of the day, I am trying to get the house clean, then I might fit in some yoga before the night is through.  Work at 6am tomorrow, so my workout will definitely be in the afternoon.  I am skipping the hill workout to visit some old friends in Tampa, but I’ll be sure to fit in some strength or something before I head out.

My other focus for the week is better eating.  I have not been doing great, but today is a new day.  I started off the day with some oatmeal and a banana, then had a protein shake after my run.  I might have to go for an early lunch, my tummy is already asking for food.  Maybe I’ll distract it with house cleaning for a bit.  I should do laundry.  Yes, laundry.  More than half of the mess in my room is probably my dirty clothes.

Later Days,



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