Run Jenni, Run

{July 12, 2012}   07.12.2012 – Week One of Training

Although my first “long run” was only 5.5 Miles, I survived.  My next long run (planning for Saturday night after work will clock in at 7.5 miles, closer to my first mini goal of running 10 Miles comfortably by August.

My workout schedule is very free-flowing at the moment.  I am trying to get things done without pushing my limits too quickly.  If nothing else, I want to get my three runs in each week, the rest is just extra.  This extra includes strength training, which I know that I need.  However, it is hard to convince my self to lift weights after a day of throwing around boxes in the Produce department.  We shall see how that works out.

And, here comes the schedule:

07.12 – Yoga, Hill Workout

07.13 – Beach day! I’m going to try to complete some type of strength workout at some point during the day.  I’ll pack my weights, if nothing else.

07.14 – Long run (7.5 Miles)

07.15 – Yoga, Strength Workout

07.16 – Kickboxing, Buns & Thighs

07.17 – Track workout, Yoga Abs

07.18 –  Stability Ball workout, Strength

One week of awesomeness.  I am currently down to 186 on the scale, which I am a huge fan of.  You can tell I am a fan of it because I have no problem posting it on my blog.  I never really thought there would be a day where I would want to actually tell people my weight.  Looks like a lot is going better than I expected it to.  j

I love that I am getting back on track with my workouts.  This past month has been a roller coaster of wanting to workout and wanting to do nothing more than sleep.  I have to keep reminding myself, I never not feel good after a decent workout.  Every day I am making myself better, as long as I stick with it.

Later Days,




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