Run Jenni, Run

{June 27, 2012}   06.27.2012 – Back on Track…Again

So, I have fallen behind.  It’s a fail, but it could be worse.  I am still managing to eat generally healthy, but I have lacked the motivation to work out most days this week.  I shall work out next week, and I shall reward myself when I get it all done.  It shall be fantastic and everyone will dance.  Yes, dancing, indeed.

6/28 – Yoga, 20 Minute Strength

6/29 – SWSP, Hill Run

6/30 – Cycling at some gym in Tampa

7/1 – Weights (bring to Tampa)

7/2 – Yoga

7/3 – Track or Pub Run

7/4 – 20 Minute Strength, Yoga Abs

7/5 – Buns & Thighs, Hill Run


When I finish this week of committed exercise, I shall allow myself a movie and trip to Tea Largo.  This was my original plan for treating myself last week, but that was a fail.

In other news, I am going to start training for my first marathon very soon.  I will save that update for another day.  Get excited.  I sure am.


Later Days,





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