Run Jenni, Run

{June 13, 2012}   06.13.2012 – Hundred

I stepped on the scale this morning and realized that since starting this journey over three years ago I have done it.  I have lost one hundred pounds.  When I talk to people, I can say that number proudly.  I no longer have to stumble and correct my mother no, it’s just ninety, no not quite there yet.

That is quite an accomplishment and, if you don’t mind, I’m gonna give myself a pat on the back.

Now, for next week’s workout plans.

This week I have failed to workout because of reasons.  But I am not totally lost.  I’m going for a run after work today, and tomorrow I might do hills before I head off to Tampa for the weekend. While I have no actual plans to bring workout DVDs with me, I will bring my running shoes and make an attempt to use the gym of whatever residence at which I crash.

Lots of closing shifts next week means lots of two-a-days planned.  I really need to get some incentive going for the end of this week if I do all my planned workouts each day.  Maybe a new book, or allowing myself a trip to Yogurt Mountain on Friday.  I like this plan.  If I complete all my workouts, I will allow myself a matinée movie and my choice of either Yogurt Mountain or Tea Largo (let’s be honest, it’ll probably be Tea Largo).

6.16 – SWSP, if home from Tampa on time

6.17 – SWSP

6.18 – Cardio Conditioning (Bob Harper)

6.19 – Run and SWSP

6.20 – SWSP & One Hour Strength

6.21 – Run and SWSP

6.22 – Cardio Conditioning and One Hour Strength

Let’s get this done.  Next weekend is my next 5k in the Watermelon series.  I have not done speed work since the first race, so I am not expecting much improvement on time.  Keeping it around or under 33:00 is my only goal.  That, and not dying from the heat.

I’ll give a measurement and weight update next Friday, but there will definitely be more updates before then.

Later Days,



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