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{June 8, 2012}   06.08.2012 – 30 Day Shred Wrap-Up

So I finally got around to measuring my self today, and I was pleased.  I never realize just how much change is occurring until I write it out.  Although I am not sure that I am losing in my arms and legs, maybe it’s just turning into muscle… I have no idea.  I do know that right now my neck is killer because of so heavy lifting done in the Produce department last night.  If I wanna define my arms and legs I think I’m going to have to hit up a gym sometime soon-ish.  That, and get over my fear of working weight machines in front of people.  This shall be my goal for the summer and I shall find a lifting routine and it shall be lovely.

I lost a total of eight inches, mostly in my stomach and chest area.  While I am not a fan of going down a bra size, I am a fan of getting smaller.  Two of the inches were from my hips, that’s pretty freaking amazing.  I am down to 189 on the scale, which is a new low for me (in a good way!).  Maybe it will be time to start buying some new clothes soon.  I will definitely be going through and getting rid of some more clothes this weekend.  I’ll probably try to trade them in at Plato’s, but we shall see.

In conclusion, I have lost 31 pounds since the beginning of this year (four of which were during my 30 Day Shred workouts), which is pretty darn impressive.  And I’m only about 24 pounds away from my first goal weight (165).  That’s totally attainable.  I have never seen the finish line this close before.  If I keep on track with my eating habits, I expect to see better results.  I feel like me going of the deep end with my cravings is the main reason that I did not lose more during 30 Day Shred.  I am currently keeping it at under 1600 calories a day, as prescribed by my choice BMI Calculator (on WebMd).  with this diet and moderate daily activity, it is estimated that I will lose two pounds a week.  With three weeks left in June, I could be down six more pounds by July.  Expect another rambling update then.

Later Days,



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