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{June 2, 2012}   06.02.2012 – All the Abs

I fell off the wagon this week, failing.  I did some workouts, but I definitely did not hit the potential I had mapped out for me.

All of this aside, I kicked ass at my race today.  Okay, I kicked ass in my mind.  Not only did I PR this morning, I PR-ed with my August goal time.  That’s right.  I’ve already reached 33:00 for a 5k… looks like I will be making 30:00 my end of the summer goal after all.  I will need to commit to speed workouts on Tuesdays a lot more, but I am looking forward to it.

My hours are all kinds of weird this week, but it makes for a lot of workout time in the mornings.  Here’s the set up:

06/03/2012 – Six Week Six Pack Level One

06/04/2012 – SWSP, 30 Day Shred Week Four

06/05/2012 – SWSP, Kickboxing Upper Body, Track workout

06/06/2012 – SWSP, Yoga

06/07/2012 – SWSP, Kickboxing Upper Body

06/08/2012 – SWSP, Kickboxing Abs

I am also planning on a hill workout either Thursday or Friday morning, probably Friday.  I do well when I run hills completely on my own, so I am looking forward to that.  One thing about running club that has been interesting is how I am learning to workout with other people.  I am finding people at my speed level and am able to keep up and hold conversations while doing a few of my workouts.

I’ll update on my 30 Day Shred progress sometime this week. but the night after an epic state dinner is probably not the best time to weigh in and do progress measurements.  

Later Days,



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