Run Jenni, Run

{May 25, 2012}   05.25.2012 – New Favorite Thing

Water with lemon and mint.  I’m in love.  I have a 3L jug that I put in my fridge, and I have started putting slices of lemon and a few sprigs of mint in it while it cools.  It is delicious and everyone should try it at some point in their life.

Six Week Six Pack came in the mail, so I am adding that into the workout mix this week.  I am also amazed at realizing that 30 Day Shred is almost over.  I’m cutting a few days off so that I can finish at the beginning of the month, but it really went by fast.  I am starting the final week today, and I will be finished and ready to post results on Friday.

I also have a collection of 5k races coming up throughout the summer.  As a member of the Lakeland Runner’s Club, I got a free voucher for a race, and I chose to be a part of the Watermelon Series, which has four races over the course of the summer.  I plan to do a write-up on each race, and hopefully I will improve my time as the summer carries on.  I don’t think it’s crazy to have a goal of 33:00 by the last race in August.  Crazy would be 30:00, but I’ll hold off on that time for a while.

Onward to my workout plan for this week!

5/26 – Week Four Shred, SWSP Level One

5/27 – Week Four Shred, Buns & Thighs Level Two

5/28 – Buns & Thighs Level Three, Kickboxing Upper Body

5/29 – Week Four Shred, SWSP Level One, Track or 5k Workout

5/30 – Week Four Shred, SWSP Level One, Buns & Thighs Level Three

5/31 – Week Four Shred, Hill Workout

6/01 – SWSP Level One, Buns & Thighs Levels Three, Two Mile Walk


It seems like a lot for this week, but my work schedule is allowing for a little craziness.  I also am looking forward to some killer progress for the month of June.  I have made a personal goal to get a flat stomach by the end of the summer, hopefully before.  Upon doing so, I think I might get a belly ring, because, let’s be honest, high school me never would have thought that possible.  High School me also never would have worn Hollister or tiered skirts, or chosen a haircut over a new piercing…but I have done so in the past two days.  I have no idea what is going on with me, but I’m not complaining.

Later Days,



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