Run Jenni, Run

{April 26, 2012}   04.26.2012 – A Short Break

The past two days have involved a lot of sleeping for me.  Let’s recap.

On Tuesday morning I woke up with what I thought was a sore throat from yelling at the Hawks game the night before.  By lunch, I could tell it was something worse than that.  After months of avoidance, I had finally contracted the lovely cold that everyone keeps talking about.  By 7pm Tuesday evening, I was asleep.  And I slept and slept, until I woke up at 4am and decided I needed a Slurpee.  Then I slept some more.  Wednesday involved nothing except sleep and breakfast with a friend and more sleep.

The most interesting thing about sickness, for me, is the amount of food I consume while I am sick and how little effect that has on my weight loss goals.  When I was not sleeping, I was eating. Yet, when I weighed this morning, I was still down two pounds from last week.  After crazy eating for the past two days, I am back on track and enjoying a late lunch of Mushroom and Goat Cheese Pita Pizza with some steamed veggies.

I am still undecided about running hills tonight.  I feel like it couldn’t hurt, since I am feeling better.  I figure I will see how I am feeling closer to 6pm.  It would definitely be a good idea since I have been super lazy since Tuesday evening (I was able to punch out a Jillian Michaels workout Tuesday morning).  And I did purchase some new running shorts I need to try out.  I got all the deals today when it came to shopping ($45 pair of running shorts for $13, score!).

Next week should involve a lot of interesting and demanding workouts because I am only working three days next week.  I might even throw my strength DVD back in the mix.  I also still need to review the Carmen Electra workouts that I have.  Maybe I could spend next week doing that.  I could probably learn some pretty interesting dance moves.  The possibilities are endless.


Later days,




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