Run Jenni, Run

{April 8, 2012}   04.08.2012 – Easter Run

It is Easter and the only thing I want to do is find time to go for a run.  I did not feel like waking up early because A.  I hate running in the dark around my neighborhood and B. I wanted to sleep in.  Instead I am enjoying a lovely breakfast of stale cereal and chocolate Silk, then I am headed off to church for the Easter Service with the boy.  While I had some time, I decided to do a quick update on the blog.  

It was honestly hard for me to do any workout this week that was not a group planned ordeal.  I had no problem making it to running club on Tuesday and Thursday, Monday I did complete my video workouts, but that was about it for this week.  I always stuck to the excuse that I was too tired when I came home from work.Obviously, if I can go out and run a track after a full work day there is no such thing as too tired.  Therefore, my goal this week is to work out every day (even Tuesday when I work 7-5).

Saturday – I did nothing, I had Yoga Abs and 20 Minutes of Strength planned.

Sunday – I have a walk planned, but I really might try to go for a run…still deciding how far.  Anything over two miles will exceed my plans for the day.

Monday – Strength DVD

Tuesday – Track Run

Wednesday – Power Yoga and Kettlebell workout

Thursday – Hills

Friday – Yoga Warrior

I am really hoping that including yoga a few times a week will help to relax my muscles while I am working.  I also have tended to lack the need for real food after my running meetings, so I stick to something simple like a protein shake and fruit.  I think doing that twice a week is really helping how I feel.  I am still planning out my meals, but it does not help when my manager decides to order pizza for lunch and I have four slices.  Other than that slip-up, it was pretty simple to stay on track with my eating plan.  The most I did was switch around a few days in accordance to what I was craving.  

Next week I am planning on investing in some new running shoes, and I am totally looking forward to that. The lady at FinishLine that I talked to yesterday seemed super friendly and a lot more knowledgeable than the guy who barely wanted to help me at Lady’s Foot Locker.  Plus, she was trying to help me save the cash…something I majorly appreciate.

Have a great Easter!

Later Days,



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