Run Jenni, Run

{April 2, 2012}   04.02.2012 – Marvelous Monday

I am in a pretty good mood.  Why?  Because I am awesome. That, and I have finally moved to the under-200 pounds mark on the scale.  That means I have lost all the weight from my lovely little bout with depression, and I am back on track.  And to think, I was just talking about how I was never going to do it.  Finally, I have a sign that my hard work is paying off.  I have 25 pounds until I reach a healthy BMI, and then I will be ever closer to my ultimate goal weight.

In other news, I need to find new toppings for my sweet potato.  I kind of forgot they have carbohydrates.  Plus, I had a major craving for some Cheerios last night.  I am really bad at cutting back on carbohydrates because they are delicious.

Today I have a break from my actual job, so I am cleaning up a bit around the house.  The fridge needs a makeover, and then I need to run a vacuum over the cat hair that infests my floors.  I know this all sounds very attractive to you all.  I need to clean my room too.  I literally have a pile of clothes that I have made into a nest in my sleeping bag.  That cannot be healthy.

Hopefully I will get it all done and be ready for some type of adventure after lunch.  We shall see!  Onward to the kitchen!

Later Days,



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