Run Jenni, Run

{March 30, 2012}   03.30.2012 – I Forgot.

I forgot that I had a blog.  Sorry.

So…working and working out combined kind of suck.  I realized right away that my workout schedule for this week was a little over-achieving and cut it back a good amount.  I’m slowing things down a great deal, at least until I get used to standing on my feet for multiple hours a day. That being said, I really like my new job so far.  The people are nice, and I always have something to do.  That also being said, I am looking forward to moving up to corporate and having a chance to sit at a desk or something of that nature.

Surprisingly, I still look forward to some type of exercise, and the walking this week seemed to make my feet hurt less.  I also did well with my eating habits most days this week, Wednesday and Thursday excluded (I forgot how awesome dining halls really were).

I am planning to become more social with my workouts, which is cool.  I am usually used to working out on my own, and I use it as a time to get into my own zone.  I still may do this on days that I plan long runs (those will not be for a while, though).  On upcoming Tuesdays and Thursdays, I am planning on joining a running club that Ben introduced me to.  I met some people from the group yesterday, but I chose to be lazy and get a swipe-in at Florida Southern’s Cafeteria, then walk barely a mile.

I am going to start changing my planning schedule due to how I receive my hours from Publix.  My weeks will now begin on Saturday and run through Friday, like the Publix scheduler.  I will be able to post plans on Fridays instead of Mondays, and I will probably be posting more sporadically throughout the week.  I would like to keep track of my running progress now that I will have a group that is going to motivate me to run faster and better.  I am adding strength back into the routine rather than focusing solely on yoga, but I will probably only be doing small amounts of strength while I still get used to all the lifting that I’m doing at Publix.

I feel like I am using this new job as an excuse not to work out, so please don’t let me do that.

On with the fitness plan!

Saturday: Nothing planned, may be going to the beach.  If not, probably some yoga or a walk

Sunday: 2 Mile walk with weights

Monday: 20 Minute Strength DVD and Yoga Abs

Tuesday: Running Club (Track)

Wednesday:  Yoga and a walk

Thursday: Running Club (Hills)

Friday: Kettlebell Workout

In reference to Friday, I found a Kettlebell workout that does not make me want to cry.  I actually look forward to this one because it’s written out, not a DVD, so I can add my own music to it.  And it’s only about 20-30 minutes long depending on how many cycles you chose to do.  I also add in some of the moves that I enjoyed from Bob Harper’s Kettlebell workout.

I will move the blog about my new eating habits to sometime next week because I know you are probably tired of reading.

Later Days,



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