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{March 22, 2012}   03.22.2012 – Happy Hunger Games

In relation to the title: I want the Hunger Games Cookbook.

In relation to the blog, I ate something new today.

Much like all other Lean Cuisine meals, the real thing never looks like the picture on the box.

Looks bland, tastes pretty good.  The spices are really good and the vegetables add to the dish to help you feel more full.  The full caloric value of the meal is 320, which is pretty decent for lasagna.  In addition to this, I also had some Greek yogurt (always a fantastic choice).  Most of the time, I feel the only thing that could make Lean Cuisine meals better is the addition of some type of side dish, even with a meal like lasagna.

I would really like to take this recipe and find a way to create a homemade version, which would allow me to control the ingredients a little more.  I would also like to find a way to make a completely meatless lasagna, avoiding “fake meat” as well.

I have another delicious recipe working out in my head.  It probably won’t be too healthy (especially if I eat all the fatty parts), but I am liking the ideas so far.  More on that once I have it figured out.  Just know it involves pork shoulder and orange-infused brandy.  Seriously, what could go wrong with that?

Today will probably be a rest day, mostly because I feel lazy.  There will be some walking around, but I didn’t get much sleep last night, and I’ll be heading to the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games tonight.  This weekend will lack my normal amount of sleep, but I am looking forward to it.

Later Days,



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