Run Jenni, Run

{March 19, 2012}   03.19.2012 – Back on Track

Last week was uneventful.  I did nothing.  After getting a major sunburn on Tuesday I ended up being very lazy the rest of the weekend.  I could blame my schedule being thrown off by Spring Break, but there is no need for excuses.

I am starting off this new week with a healthier outlook, and a stricter plan.  For at least this week, maybe more, I will be sticking to a caloric goal of 1600 calories per day.  I also have planned out workouts for every day this week, but they are not as strenuous as they have been in previous weeks.  I need to build up to that, rather than setting my sights so high in the beginning.

Monday: 2 Mile Walk

Tuesday: Power Yoga

Wednesday: 5k Run

Thursday: 4.5 Mile Bike Ride

Friday: Power Yoga

Saturday: Warrior Yoga

Sunday: 2 Mile Walk w/ Weights

Simple and easy.  There is no reason I should not accomplish this week’s goals.  Wednesday I will review the last of the Vegetarian Lean Cuisine dishes, and Friday I will find something important to talk about.  Maybe the fact that I will be adding a job to my routine soon.

Later Days,



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