Run Jenni, Run

{March 17, 2012}   03.17.2012 – This Week

We are not going to discuss this week.  I ate a lot of bad decisions.  And I refused to work them off.

Next week, I shall start off new and more focusing on my goals.  I know I will never reach them if I keep falling off the wagon.  I may invest in some new goal clothes today.  I was thinking of hitting up Plato’s Closet after my lunch at Chipotle (which I have already planned according to a nutrition calculator).

I got some lovely books from the library, including one of training for a 10k.  As of now, I have no 10k runs planned out, but I figure it never hurts to train.  I know training will consist of a lot of things I do not want to do, but it will be good for me.  I need to work up to training for a better time on my half marathon when I plan to run in October (again).  I have all these goals, and I seem to forget about them when I decide I am going to eat my feelings.

I have the ability to drive now.  If needed, I could drive to somewhere safe to go for a run if I am in a bad mood.  I could get a gym membership somewhere that I would have access to 24/7.  There is nothing like doing some free weights when you want to snap at someone.

I really should look into the gym across the street from me.  It has 24/7 access, and I would be able to walk over after work.  This will make more sense after I find out how much it costs per month and once I start getting a paycheck.  However, it seems pretty likely.

I still need to use a week at Lifestyles, but that involves driving to Lifestyles.  The weather is so nice lately, I would rather be doing things outside.

Okay, I am off to figure my life out.  I need to make a plan.

Later Days,



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