Run Jenni, Run

{March 11, 2012}   03.11.2012 – Early Update

This week has not gone according to plan.  But I wouldn’t call it a fail.  My workouts changed up a lot, and I had more than one day of crazy eating.  However, I am still pleased with this week.  I had some good times.  Let’s review.

Monday: Yoga Abs, 2 Mile Walk w/ Weights

Tuesday: 20 Minute Strength, 2 Miles w/ Weights

Wednesday: 2 Mile Run, Canoeing

Thursday: 8 Mile Run

Friday: 20 Minute Strength, 2 Mile Bike Ride, Relaxation Yoga

Saturday: Walking around the Flea Market

Sunday: 4.5 Mile Run, Power Yoga (at least that’s the new plan on the books).

I have had a pretty active week.  I am adding more running into my workouts because I am really enjoying getting back into it.  Plus, I need to get used to running longer distances if I want to complete more half marathons this year and work towards a full marathon.  The only downfall to this is my lack of motivation to get any strength workouts done.  I know I need them as a part of my fitness routine, but I just don’t like them sometimes.  I suppose this means we can look forward to a fitness rant/intervention about the importance of strength workouts for this Wednesday’s fitness spot on the blog.


In addition to the workouts planned for next week, I have many adventures in Spring cleaning planned.  we are deep cleaning the entire house, which should be fun.  It looks like I will be doing about a room per day, which means even during this “break” (if I can call it that anymore) I will still be waking up at my normal early morning hours.  Here’s the set-up.

Monday: Yoga Abs, Strength DVD

Tuesday: 20 Minute Strength, 4.5 Mile Run

Wednesday: 2 Mile Run, Yoga Warrior, possible bike ride

Thursday: 20 Minute Strength, 2 Mile Run

Friday: Yoga Abs, Strength DVD

Saturday: 2 Mile Run, Power Yoga

Sunday: 2 Mile Walk w/ Weights


It is an adventurous week, but I think that I will have fun.  I invested in a free 7-Day pass to Lifestyle Family Fitness.  I will eventually use that (probably when I have more access to my car).  That week should be full of rants on gym life, group fitness, and how I dislike working out in front of others.  But it will be helpful when getting used to the fact that I have to deal with all of those things if I want a job as a personal trainer.

Later Days,



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