Run Jenni, Run

{March 7, 2012}   03.07.2012 – Changes and Reviews

So, today I started my morning out with a devotional and a two-mile run.  I think I found a new Wednesday routine to balance out the unevenness that I was experiencing from having three Yoga Ab workouts planned and only two Strength workouts, but also wanting to rest on both weekend morning.  I don’t try to workout much on an empty stomach, but two miles was completed in an acceptable 27:00.

After my normal morning routine, I had an interview with Publix.  It was for a part-time stocking position, which I really want mostly because I feel like it would be extra strength training because I need a job.  In all seriousness, though, I have always loved Publix.  With it being right down the road from me, I am already in there almost every day.  I might as well be put to work while I am walking around the aisles.

Moving on…

I have finally got around to trying another one of the vegetarian Lean Cuisine options from their line of products with Gardein.  Today we will explore the wonderful world of Roasted Red Pepper Fettuccine (  I must start out by saying I did not have high expectations for this dish.  I am not a huge fan of squash, but I will eat it.  That being said, this dish exceeding my expectations.  The taste and texture were both really good.  I paired it with a side of edamame that I needed to clean out of my fridge, which turned out to be the perfect companion.

I am hoping this meal will keep me full for a little over three hours, we shall see.  I am going to hang out with the boy and I have church tonight.  It has been a busy week, and hopefully I will only get busier as the job search continues to seem successful.  My next update will be Friday.  It will most likely just be a rambling post, but I might try to find something fitness-like to ramble about.  Maybe staying healthy when eating out, something I always fail to accomplish.

Later Days,



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