Run Jenni, Run

{March 5, 2012}   03.05.2012 – Starting Off on the Right Foot

It is Monday, which means it is laundry day and cleaning day and just a big work day around the house for me.  This being said, I still need to make time for a couple workouts, one of which I finished before breakfast.

Last week things did not go completely according to plan because of a last-minute 5k that I signed up for on Thursday.  Here’s the breakdown:

Monday: Strength DVD

Tuesday: 2 Mile Bike Ride, 1 Mile Walk

Wednesday: Yoga Abs

Thursday: 2.5 Mile Bike Ride, 20 Minute Strength Routine, 2 Mile Run

Friday: Yoga Abs

Saturday: 5k

Sunday: 2 Mile Walk w/ Weights


Quick recap of the 5k:

It was in Bartow.  There were about 100 people.  Ben ran it with me (and got third place overall).  I placed in my age group because I was the only female in the 20-24 age range.  I ran almost the whole time, improving my score by two minutes compared to last year.  I finished the race in 36:39, which is not too impressive compared to some of the other times, but I had fun and I reaching my personal goal.  I am hoping to get this time down to sub-35:00 for the Bolt Run which I still need to register for.


This week:

Monday: Yoga Abs, Strength DVD

Tuesday: 20 Minute Strength Routine, 2 Mile Run

Wednesday: Yoga Abs, 4 Mile Bike Ride

Thursday: 20 Minute Strength Routine, 4.5 Mile Run

Friday: Yoga Abs, Strength DVD

Saturday: Power Yoga

Sunday: 2 Mile Walk w/ Weights

I am also trying to start the push-up challenge and squat challenge this week.  If I like it, I will keep it up for the full six weeks.  If not, I will never speak of it again.  I want to try to complete the Yoga Ab and 20 Minute Strength Routine workouts before breakfast each morning.  I am testing the theory of exercising in the morning kicking up your metabolism.  If it leaves me feeling more lethargic than energized, I will quickly go back to a normal routine.


In further news, the hunt for a job has begun again.  I finally got my license, and I am loving driving (never thought I would say that).  I have applied to a few places, and I am finishing up turning in some applications this afternoon.  Hopefully I will have some interviews by the end of the week.  My biggest concern in this is not having a car that is exclusively available to me since my dad and I are still sharing my car.  But, if it is supposed to happen, then a job will come through.  I am doing everything in my power to make this possible.

Later days,



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